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XRF Spectrometer

Multiple X-Ray technologies integrated for first time in new spectrometer.

Find out more about the Zetium in Tech News

Pipetting Robot

New models and accessory bring users more automation options.

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Multimode Microplate Reader
Varioskan LUX
Intelligent software makes assays easy in new microplate reader.

Learn more about the Varioskan LUX in Tech News

Current Issue

Safer Science Cover

Focus on Cell Disruption

By Angelo DePalma, PhD

Renewed interest in cell biology has created the need for techniques that efficiently disrupt cells’ outer membranes while sparing their contents.

Well in Hand

By Trevor Henderson

Advances in miniaturization and microfabrication have resulted in handheld and portable instruments that are increasingly rapid and reliable.

Safer Science

By Vince McLeod, CIH

There is a widening gulf between how safety is practiced in industry compared to how it is practiced in research laboratories, especially in academic settings.

2015 Survey Results: Mills & Grinders

By Trevor Henderson

We share the most common primary uses of mills and grinders, along with the most popular types, and much more in the results of our latest survey.



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thumbnailOpening the Door to Science

New technology is making even high-end instruments more affordable and accessible to science students. 

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