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Product Focus: GC Columns

Product Focus: GC Columns


Chromatographers often need to balance the convenience of universal-use columns against the sensitivity and resolut...
The Good, the Bad, and the Selfie

The Good, the Bad, and the Selfie


The barbarians were at the gates, the handwriting on the wall. Their digital firepower was unstoppable.Without further a...
Got Gas?

Got Gas?


Analytical, research, and testing laboratories are becoming ubiquitous across a wide range of industries, from clin...

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New Product Spotlight

UHPLC System

System aims to boost usability, productivity, and performance.

Find out more about the Vanquish in Tech News

Rotary Evaporator
RC 900

This rotary evaporator boasts user-friendly features and wireless control.

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Automated Digital Microscope
Smartzoom 5
Microscope allows users of all experience levels to acheive best results.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Selfie Cover

Have Fun at Work!

By Dr. Patt Schwab

It’s always more efficient for a group to master new ideas, approaches, and technologies. Here are three quick ways to enjoy your colleagues, limber up your thinking, anticipate change, and make relearning enjoyable.

Feedback on BSCs

By Trevor Henderson

Find out which type of biosafety cabinet is most popular among our readers, and more as we release our latest BSC survey results.

Advanced Features Modernize this Ancient Technology

By Mike May

Scientists use homogenizers in a long list of ways, including dispersing, emulsifying, cell lysis and extraction, milling, and more. Learn the latest developments in our annual update on this technology.

Calibration and Cleaning are Essential

By Rachel Muenz

Keeping your laboratory balances up to snuff is pretty simple, but there are a few things to remember to ensure the process goes smoothly. We go to the experts to get the best tips for balance maintenance.