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Trends in Chromatography Use

Trends in Chromatography Use


Serge Cremers, Pharm. D., PhD, is an associate professor at Columbia University Medical Center and an attending clinical...



Considerable time and resources are invested in the laboratory design process—to select the best equipment, p...
ICP-MS for Homeland Security

ICP-MS for Homeland Security


The United States government—nearly 14 years after September 11, 2001— continues to invest heavily in h...

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Engineering Peace

Drexel joins PeaceTech Lab in global mission to use technology for resolving conflicts.
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New Product Spotlight

Q-TOF MS System
6545 Q-TOF

Recently launched Q-TOF more reliable and easier to use for trace-level analysis.

Find out more about the 6545 Q-TOF in Tech News

Unified Chromatography System
Nexera UC

First-of-its-kind system looks to increase speed and efficiency while reducing human error in analysis workflows.

Learn more about the Nexera UC in Tech News

XRF Spectrometer
Multiple X-Ray technologies integrated for first time in new spectrometer.

Learn more about the Zetium in Tech News

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Future Labs Cover

Turning Your Lab into a Transformer

By Mike May

If everything in a lab gets attached to walls or the floor, evolving lab requirements and processes require ramshackle solutions. But what if things could move around? That’s what flexible casework allows.

Social Science

By Gene Tetreault

The traditional image of a solitary researcher working in an isolated laboratory in pursuit of a scientific discovery is outdated. Today’s scientists are more social than ever, driven by the imperative to collaborate in order to innovate.

Future Labs

By Bernard B. Tulsi

Labs have come a long way since Thomas Alva Edison’s improvisations with fireplace chimneys to exhaust noxious fumes at his Menlo Park, New Jersey, research facilities in the late nineteenth century.

2015 Survey Results: Electrophoresis Systems

By Trevor Henderson

What types of electrophoresis systems are most common in our readers' labs? What are the most popular accessories? Find out this and much more in the results of our latest survey.



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thumbnailOpening the Door to Science

New technology is making even high-end instruments more affordable and accessible to science students. 

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