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Managing Your Chemical Inventory

Managing Your Chemical Inventory

By Anne Sefried

As with any other organization, successful management of your laboratory entails a significant deal of business str...
Ask the Expert: Innovations in Imaging and Microscopy

Ask the Expert: Innovations in Imaging and Microscopy

By Tanuja Koppal, Ph.D.

Nongjian Tao, PhD, director of the Center for Bioelectronics and Biosensors at Arizona State University’s Bio...
Product Focus: Microwave Digesters

Product Focus: Microwave Digesters

By Mike May

When preparing a sample for analysis that requires high temperature and pressure in an acidic environment...
Are You in the Market for a ... CO2 Incubator?

Are You in the Market for a ... CO2 Incubator?

By Trevor Henderson

CO2 incubators are designed to copy a cell’s natural environment with a relative humidity of around 95 percent, a ...

Lab News

Researchers Achieve Higher Solar-Cell Efficiency With Zinc-Oxide Coating

Surface modification allows cell to absorb more light.

Edible Flowers May Inhibit Chronic Diseases

A new study in the Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), found that common edible ...

LEDs Get Seal of Approval: Safe for Skin

Stony Brook University undergraduate research allays concern, uncovers possible beneficial effects....

The Science of Champagne Fizz: How Many Bubbles Are in Your Bubbly?

The importance of fizz, more technically known as effervescence, in sparkling wines and champagnes is not to be underestimate...
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New Product Spotlight

CESI-MS System
CESI 8000
New instrument links CE technology to mass spectrometry to help biopharma scientists.

Learn more about the CESI 8000 in Tech News

X-ray Microscopy System
Xradia 810 Ultra

Microscopy solution aims to revolutionize imaging in labs worldwide.

Find out more about the Xradia 810 Ultra in Tech News

Spectral Identification Software
KnowItAll® ATR /IR ID Expert™ and Raman ID Expert™

New software allows quick, accurate identification of unknown spectra.

Learn more about KnowItAll® in Tech News

Current Issue

Growing Green

By Dennis Nolan

A voluntary program to change lab practices saves money while promoting sustainability.

Shifting to Greener Fuels

By Bobby Chavli and Annette Summers

Improving biofuel economics using upstream innovations for sample preparation.

Product Focus: Evaporators

By Mike May

Capturing the required control and maintaining it depends on the right platform and care.

Perspective On: An Environmental Lab

By Rachel Muenz

Providing accurate information to keep drinking water safe is this lab’s main mission.