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Product Focus: Chillers

Product Focus: Chillers


Many labs use chillers to control the cooling needed for some processes. To make the device work, a chiller uses a ...
Building a Dream Team

Building a Dream Team


"We will put our best team on this one,” is a common refrain in many circles and is regularly heard in labora...
Automating Your Lab

Automating Your Lab


The concept of lab automation sounds almost magical, as if a sophisticated machine here or there makes a lab run by...

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Western Blotting System
Amersham WB

New system standardizes Western Blotting for more consistent analysis.

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CO2 Incubator

Innovative technology allows users greater control over conditions.

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Automated Digital Microscope
Smartzoom 5
Microscope allows users of all experience levels to acheive best results.

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Building a Dream Team Cover

Are You Crazy?

By Howard Manns

If not, you may want to consider it, because, If you take a look at history and some of the greatest achievements ever made, you’ll find that the people who made those breakthroughs were a little off.

The Low-Down on LIMS

By Trevor Henderson

Find out which LIMS installation configurations and usages are most popular with our readers, and more as we release the results of our 2014 survey on LIMS.

What's New in CO2 Incubators?

By Angelo DePalma, PhD

The first question facing lab managers looking for an incubator is whether a dry or humidified incubator will serve their needs. Both designs have their pluses and minuses.

Maintenance Matters: Cold Storage

By Rachel Muenz

Removing frost regularly is critical in laboratory freezer and fridge maintenance. Taking care of filters and voltage issues is also essential. Two experts share these and more tips for keeping your equipment happy.