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Blown Away!

Blown Away!


The chemical fume hood is probably the single most-used piece of equipment in research laboratories. Often, the che...
INSIGHTS on GMO Detection

INSIGHTS on GMO Detection


Combining chromosomes from different organisms started as soon as someone created a hybrid. “In natural breed...

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Modern Alchemy

TSRI chemists devise synthesis of valuable exotic compounds.
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New Product Spotlight

XRF Spectrometer

Multiple X-Ray technologies integrated for first time in new spectrometer.

Find out more about the Zetium in Tech News

Pipetting Robot

New models and accessory bring users more automation options.

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Multimode Microplate Reader
Varioskan LUX
Intelligent software makes assays easy in new microplate reader.

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Remote Control Cover

Analyzing and Interpreting Mass Spectral Data

By Rachel Muenz

Douglas Kiehl, a principal research scientist at Eli Lilly & Company, discusses the key challenges and trends he and his team have experienced in analyzing and interpreting MS data.

The Art of Selling Yourself for Success

By MJ Calloway

Understanding how to sell yourself is crucial when inspiring others about your particular project, gaining buy-in, or building credibility in your industry.

To LIMS or Not to LIMS?

By Angelo DePalma

When implementing laboratory informatics systems, managers should consider both current and anticipated workflows.

Survey Results: Pipettes 2015

By Trevor Henderson

Learn the most common causes of pipetting errors reported by our readers and more in the results of our latest survey.



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DART co-inventor discusses the crazy things found on paper money since company first started looking at currency. 

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