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You Lost Me Before

You Lost Me Before "Hello"


Three ways to avoid embarrassing yourself with colleagues and improve your “lab behavior.”
Science and Sustainability

Science and Sustainability


With freezers and fume hoods running nonstop, it’s no surprise that lab facilities hog more resources than do...
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality


Communicating the final design of a laboratory to the principal investigators and their research teams can be chall...



Proposed regulations for laboratory cold storage manufacturers could be an issue if deadline extension is not granted.

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New Product Spotlight


New instrument allows easy switching to and from axial plasma or radial plasma observation.

Find out more about the ARCOS in Tech News

CO2 Incubator

Innovative technology allows users greater control over conditions.

Learn more about the Cultivo in Tech News

pH Probe
Recently released probe aims to change how pH is measured through Bluetooth.

Learn more about the HALO in Tech News

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Science and Sustainability Cover

INSIGHTS on Big Data in Drug Discovery

By Mike May, PhD

Big data might bring more benefits to drug discovery than to any other field. A combination of computations and simulations will change tomorrow's health care.

Millennials in the Lab

By Rachel Muenz

With their technological savvy, millennials could be considered the perfect fit for the laboratory. Find out what two lab managers think of this generation's pros and cons.

Titrators: Compliance Based on Best Practices

By Angelo DePalma, PhD

When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration promulgated its good laboratory practices for animal toxicology labs in 1979, the regulations were considered a breakthrough.

Survey Results: CO2 Incubators 2015

By Trevor Henderson

Learn which applications and primary uses are most common, and more, in the results of our latest CO2 Incubator Survey.



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Proposed regulations for laboratory cold storage manufacturers could be an issue if deadline extension is not granted. 

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