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Designing for Science

Designing for Science


When executive director Graham Shimmield and his colleagues set out to build a new home for Bigelow Laboratory for ...
Fieldworthy Instrumentation

Fieldworthy Instrumentation


A forensics investigator dusts a crime scene for fingerprints. When she finds one, she reaches toher holster, pulls out ...

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New Product Spotlight

Pipette Skins

New skins give researchers a chance to bring some color to their pipetting tasks.

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Laser-Based Infrared Microscopy Platform

New microscope’s breakthrough technology takes aim at biomedical and materials research.

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Scientific Portfolio
New brand aims to help science-driven companies enhance R&D, manufacturing, and more.

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Current Issue

Separate Storage

By James A. Kaufman

Store acids and bases separately. Store fuels and oxidizers separately.

INSIGHTS on Microplate Readers

By Angelo DePalma, PhD

Essential components of microplate workflow.

Electronic Mail and Media for 2020 and Beyond

By Mark Lanfear

Ideally, electronic communication should be used to supplement face-to-face communication.

How Our Readers Use Microwave Digestion

By Trevor Henderson

Learn what type of acids and applications are the most popular in our survey respondents' labs.