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INSIGHTS on Microplate Readers

INSIGHTS on Microplate Readers


While fully manual operations can be built around microplate formats, doing anything substantive without amicroplate rea...
Sterilizing Safely

Sterilizing Safely


The focus of this article is ethylene oxide, a frequently used and potentially hazardous sterilizing agent.

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Organic Zeolites

Yan organic zeolite advance highlighted in Nature Communications.
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New Product Spotlight

Pipette Skins

New skins give researchers a chance to bring some color to their pipetting tasks.

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Laser-Based Infrared Microscopy Platform

New microscope’s breakthrough technology takes aim at biomedical and materials research.

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Scientific Portfolio
New brand aims to help science-driven companies enhance R&D, manufacturing, and more.

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Stop Fixing People

By Marcia Reynolds

What to do when your brilliant ideas aren't helping.

Email Etiquette

By F. Key Kidder

All the more essential for good working relationships of successful scientists.

Maintenance Matters: Mills & Grinders

By Rachel Muenz

Regular checks and proper cleaning are critical.