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Leak-Free GC

Leak-Free GC


Maintaining a leak-free GC or GC-MS system is critical for obtaining optimal system performance with reliable, repr...
Beyond The Bench

Beyond The Bench


Do you ever feel like you have hit a dead end in your career? Are you too busy attending to staff and their project...

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New Product Spotlight

UHPLC System

System aims to boost usability, productivity, and performance.

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Rotary Evaporator
RC 900

This rotary evaporator boasts user-friendly features and wireless control.

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Automated Digital Microscope
Smartzoom 5
Microscope allows users of all experience levels to acheive best results.

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Beyond The Bench Cover

The Standards of Standards

By Ralph Hood

Labs of all kinds need standards, but they must be the right standards. Good standards apply to behavior that will produce the desired result.

The Right Water

By Jim Keary

Intelligent water quality decisions are vital to doing great research. Yet, researchers don't often give such choices much thought.

The Latest in UV-VIS Spectroscopy

By Mike May

Spectroscopy can cover a range of wavelengths, and this article focuses on the ultraviolet (UV) and visible (Vis) spectra, with a bit of near-infrared (NIR) too.

Pipette Parenting

By Rachel Muenz

Pipette abuse; unfortunately it’s as common in labs as the instruments themselves. However, a few simple maintenance tasks are all you need to keep your pipettes at their best.