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New report shows how to support collaborative research.

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New Product Spotlight

XRF Spectrometer

Multiple X-Ray technologies integrated for first time in new spectrometer.

Find out more about the Zetium in Tech News

Pipetting Robot

New models and accessory bring users more automation options.

Learn more about Andrew in Tech News

Multimode Microplate Reader
Varioskan LUX
Intelligent software makes assays easy in new microplate reader.

Learn more about the Varioskan LUX in Tech News

Current Issue

Remote Control Cover

A Resource for Renting Lab Equipment

By kwipped.com

Lab managers frequently need access to a wide variety of equipment that is too expensive to purchase.

Trends in High-Content Screening

By Tanuja Koppal, PhD

Dr. Donald Sakaguchi, professor of genetics, development and cell biology at Iowa State University, discusses the benefits of a high-content screening system.

The Most Abundant Element is Not Always Easily Captured

By Mike May, PhD

As the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen might seem easy to come by, but it’s usually bonded to oxygen in water or bound in organic compounds. Many applications, though, require pure hydrogen.

May 2015 Technology News

By Lab Manager

This month, we highlight companies that will be exhibiting at the American Society for Microbiology’s annual general meeting and the American Society for Mass Spectrometry’s annual conference.



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