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INSIGHTS on Sports Doping

INSIGHTS on Sports Doping


Sports is big business, which is why leagues and federations are desperate to keep their franchises honest. In the ...
Innovations in Mass Spectrometry

Innovations in Mass Spectrometry


Dr. Guido Verbeck, associate professor of chemistry at the University of North Texas and director for the Laboratory of ...
Managing Risk

Managing Risk

By ,

Risk and related concepts such as risk management and risk communication can be difficult for lab managers to fully...

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New Product Spotlight


New instrument allows easy switching to and from axial plasma or radial plasma observation.

Find out more about the ARCOS in Tech News

CO2 Incubator

Innovative technology allows users greater control over conditions.

Learn more about the Cultivo in Tech News

pH Probe
Recently released probe aims to change how pH is measured through Bluetooth.

Learn more about the HALO in Tech News

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Changing The Rules Cover

Digesting Safely

By Angelo DePalma, PhD

When it comes to microwave digesters, common-sense safety precautions include safe handling of solvents and acids.

Automating Sample Preparation

By Joe Liscouski

What should you consider when evaluating the possible transition from manual to semi-automated or fully automated systems?

Changing the Rules

By F. Key Kidder

It's been nearly four years since the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act was signed into law. What has that meant for R&D managers?

Survey Results: Glove Boxes 2015

By Trevor Henderson

Learn which applications and primary uses are most common, and more, in the results of our latest Glove Box Survey.



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Two cannabis testing labs from Colorado share their thoughts on how the state’s emerging recreational marijuana industry has affected them. 

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