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The Team Myth

The Team Myth


The five steps of successful team building.
Compressed Gas Cylinders

Compressed Gas Cylinders


Using compressed gases in the laboratory can be dangerous if they are not handled properly. Many gases can be explo...
The Firing Line

The Firing Line


No matter what the reason, whether because of an economic downturn or poor work performance, firing someone is neve...

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Western Blotting System
Amersham WB

New system standardizes Western Blotting for more consistent analysis.

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CO2 Incubator

Innovative technology allows users greater control over conditions.

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Automated Digital Microscope
Smartzoom 5
Microscope allows users of all experience levels to acheive best results.

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Building a Dream Team Cover

Gassing Up

By Angelo DePalma

Clinical laboratories have among the most stringent requirements for purity of input materials. Find out what's required in terms of gases for the clinical lab.

How LIMS Sample Scheduling Tools Work

By Autoscribe Ltd.

Logging samples into a LIMS can be cumbersome and time-consuming and it is easy to miss collection of a scheduled sample. Find out one solution to this problem

How a Web-Based 24/7 Monitoring System Works

By Panasonic

Monitoring systems have come a long way since the earliest redundant (secondary) probes were installed for back-up temperature readings. Learn about the latest offerings.

How Measuring Cell Metabolism Works

By Seahorse Bioscience

Find out about a technology that overcomes many of the challenges and weaknesses of traditional endpoint assays that either directly or indirectly measure metabolic function.