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Trends in Image Analysis Software

Trends in Image Analysis Software


Dr. Anne Carpenter leads the Imaging Platform at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT—a team of biologists and c...
Halting Hackers

Halting Hackers


With headlines screaming about hacking, of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall most recently, of national and nucle...
INSIGHTS on Tackling Food Fraud

INSIGHTS on Tackling Food Fraud


For the general public, the concern over food fraud revolves around headline-grabbing examples, such as melamine&md...

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New Product Spotlight

Western Blotting System
Amersham WB

New system standardizes Western Blotting for more consistent analysis.

Find out more about the Amersham WB in Tech News

CO2 Incubator

Innovative technology allows users greater control over conditions.

Learn more about the Cultivo in Tech News

pH Probe
Recently released probe aims to change how pH is measured through Bluetooth.

Learn more about the HALO in Tech News

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Run Your Lab Like A Business Cover

Static and Dynamic Imaging Provide Pros and Cons

By Mike May

If a product or industry involves particles, and most do, someone analyzes the size of those particles. Find out the latest in this technology.

Transporting Samples

By Sara Goudarzi

Though often overlooked, sample transport is an important part of a successful laboratory operation. A healthy and timely sample is vital to accurate analysis.

Feedback on Freeze Dryers

By Trevor Henderson

Check out the most common freeze dryers used among our readers, what they're using them for, their purchasing plans, and more as we release the results of our latest survey.

Run Your Lab Like A Business

By Nanny Bosch and Michael Bosch

Equipment is only as good as the staff who uses it and your staff is only as good as their training. Learn a people, process, and technology perspective for running your lab.



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Two cannabis testing labs from Colorado share their thoughts on how the state’s emerging recreational marijuana industry has affected them. 

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