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Gusev Crater Once Held a Lake After All, says Mars Scientist

Gusev Crater Once Held a Lake After All, says Mars Scientist

By Arizona State University

If desert mirages occur on Mars, "Lake Gusev" belongs among them. This come-and-go body of ancient water has come and gone mo...
Product Focus: Evaporators

Product Focus: Evaporators

By Mike May

Learning to use evaporation starts very early in chemistry. For students, the process takes a very simple ...
Shifting to Greener Fuels

Shifting to Greener Fuels

By Bobby Chavli,Annette Summers

Renewable energy today is predominantly derived from wood, corn, wind, and water. The majority of these first-gener...
Growing Green

Growing Green

By Dennis Nolan

Laboratories can be one of the largest users of electricity and water at an institution. They are also among the la...

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Study Casts Doubt on Climate Benefit of Biofuels from Corn Residue

Using corn crop residue to make ethanol and other biofuels reduces soil carbon and can generate more greenhouse gases than ga...

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences To Acquire Cytometer Maker Xitogen

Acquisition will broaden product offering, provides Asian Operations Center.

Pittcon 2015 Technical Program Extends Deadline for Call for Award Nominations

The Pittcon 2015 Program Committee is pleased to announce the deadline for two of its prestigious awards, the Pittsburgh Anal...

BioDatomics Receives New Investment, Grant to Drive Growth of NGS Data Analysis Platform

Recognizing need for greater genomic research productivity, NIH and Maryland Venture Fund put support behind BioDT.
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New Product Spotlight

CESI-MS System
CESI 8000
New instrument links CE technology to mass spectrometry to help biopharma scientists.

Learn more about the CESI 8000 in Tech News

X-ray Microscopy System
Xradia 810 Ultra

Microscopy solution aims to revolutionize imaging in labs worldwide.

Find out more about the Xradia 810 Ultra in Tech News

Spectral Identification Software
KnowItAll® ATR /IR ID Expert™ and Raman ID Expert™

New software allows quick, accurate identification of unknown spectra.

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Managing Your Chemical Inventory

By Anne Sefried

How digital systems can save money, eliminate safety risks, and increase productivity.

Product Focus: Microwave Digesters

By Mike May

Consider your chemistry for today and tomorrow for higher savings.

Are You in the Market for a CO2 Incubator?

By Trevor Henderson

Find out what our 222 survey respondents had to say about the CO2 incubators in their labs.

Ask the Expert: Innovations in Imaging and Microscopy

By Tanuja Koppal, PhD

Nongjian Tao, PhD, discusses a new microscopy technique developed in his lab.