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Radical Rotifer

Radical Rotifer


Image of gape-mouthed microscopic critter claims first prize in Nikon Competition.
Maintenance Matters: Pipettes

Maintenance Matters: Pipettes


Pipette abuse; unfortunately it’s as common in labs as the instruments themselves. However, a few simple maintenan...
The Standards of Standards

The Standards of Standards


Labs of all kinds need standards, but they must be the right standards. Good standards are neither goals nor quotas that...

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New Product Spotlight

UHPLC System

System aims to boost usability, productivity, and performance.

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Rotary Evaporator
RC 900

This rotary evaporator boasts user-friendly features and wireless control.

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Automated Digital Microscope
Smartzoom 5
Microscope allows users of all experience levels to acheive best results.

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Beyond The Bench Cover

Scaling Methods, Changing Modes

By Angelo DePalma, PhD

Despite the accumulation of application notes from UHPLC vendors, end users continue to cite method transfer difficulties for not switching to UHPLC.

Beyond The Bench

By Donna Kridelbaugh

Too often, the qualities that make individuals good lab managers are the very things that hold lab professionals back from focusing on their own career development.

Leak-Free GC

By Ken Lynam

Maintaining a leak-free GC or GC-MS system is critical for obtaining optimal system performance with reliable, reproducible, and accurate results.

Feedback On Mass Spec

By Trevor Henderson

Find out what our readers had to say about how they use mass spectrometry (MS) in their labs in the results of our latest MS survey.