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Speaking of Trust

Speaking of Trust


“Trust me.” What sort of image do those words conjure up? Do you picture a parent teaching a child...
Sit Up Straight

Sit Up Straight


In the last issue of Lab Manager, we began to explore the ergonomic risk factors associated with the use ofcomputers.&nb...

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New Product Spotlight

Western Blotting System
Amersham WB

New system standardizes Western Blotting for more consistent analysis.

Find out more about the Amersham WB in Tech News

CO2 Incubator

Innovative technology allows users greater control over conditions.

Learn more about the Cultivo in Tech News

pH Probe
Recently released probe aims to change how pH is measured through Bluetooth.

Learn more about the HALO in Tech News

Current Issue

Run Your Lab Like A Business Cover

Analytical Ask the Expert

By Rachel Muenz

Greg Martin, president of Complectors Consulting, discusses a lifecycle approach to method validation, verification, and transfer in this Q&A.

The Skinny on Microplate Readers

By Trevor Henderson

Find out which microplate reader types and components are most commonly used by our readers, and more in the results of our latest survey.

Four Strategies to Deal with Abrasive Leaders

By Bonnie Artman Fox

When faced with bosses who are disrespectful and derogatory, it is not uncommon to feel a fight or flight response. In a split second, you react.

Let's Rock!

By Angelo DePalma

Laboratory shakers come in a variety of configurations, including orbital, horizontal, incubator, tumbling, roller, overhead, rotator, and the subject of this article, rocking shakers.



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thumbnailCulinary Market Proves a Wise Choice for Lab Equipment Manufacturers

Scientific equipment being used in the kitchen is not a new trend, but such equipment designed from the ground up for culinary use is a fairly recent development. 

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