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Colorful Caterpillar Chemists
Colorful Caterpillar Chemists
The presence of plant-eating insects sporting bright warning colors may signal plants containing potentially useful chemicals...

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The Art of Networking
The Art of Networking
Networking is critical to keep you connected to the people and resources you need to excel in your career and find ...

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New Product Spotlight

Thermal Cycler

Alpha Cycler 4

System aims to reduce cost and resource-intensity of high throughput process.

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Q-TOF MS System

Agilent 6545 Q-TOF

Recently launched Q-TOF more reliable and easier to use for trace-level analysis.

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UC System

Shimadzu Nexera UC

First-of-its-kind system looks to increase speed and efficiency while reducing human error.

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Happy Labs Cover

Happy Labs

Managers often work at instilling job satisfaction in their staff.  But to do this successfully, a manager must also be content in the workplace.

Powered Up PCR

System aims to reduce cost and resource-intensity of high throughput...

September 2015 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market. This month, we highlight companies exhibiting at the Gulf Coast...



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