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Beads for Baths
Beads for Baths
Whether an experiment or procedure requires heating or cooling, beads can be easier to use and more economical....

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COD Analyzer: Orion™ 3106

This COD analyzer is designed to reduce costs for watewater treatment plants.

GC/MSD System: 5977B

GC-MSD system is most sensitive in its class and includes a new high-efficiency ion source.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer: UV/ VIS Excellence

UV-Vis line looks to make analyses quicker and easier.

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A Greater, Greener Commitment Cover

A Greater, Greener Commitment

The possibility to dramatically reduce environmental impact without compromising the integrity of research has propelled the rise of innovative, 

Avoiding Buyer's Remorse

There are still many questions to be asked and research to do when considering buying pre-owned equipment.



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thumbnailSeeding Labs Selects 16 Recipients for its 2016 Instrumental Access Program

Nonprofit announces 2016 awardees and honors donors at Positively Instrumental event, plus, we share our Seeding Lab notes from Pittcon.

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