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Product Focus: Casework

Product Focus: Casework


More than just surfaces and storage, today’s laboratory casework makes a statement. For one thing, the right ...
Disposal Done Right

Disposal Done Right


Disposing of unwanted or outdated lab chemicals has always been somewhat of a troublesome, expensive, and sometimes...

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A Nanosized Hydrogen Generator

Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have created a small scale “hydrog...
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New Product Spotlight

UHPLC System

System aims to boost usability, productivity, and performance.

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Rotary Evaporator
RC 900

This rotary evaporator boasts user-friendly features and wireless control.

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Scientific Portfolio
New brand aims to help science-driven companies enhance R&D, manufacturing, and more.

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Navigating The Post-Sequestration Landscape Cover

Breathing Easy

By Vince McLeod

Find out how to check your indoor air quality and keep it at a healthy level in our latest safety column.

How To Hire the Best Talent for Your Lab

By Mark Lanfear

If you don’t have good people working around you, chances are you won’t have good results.

INSIGHTS on Fume Hoods

By Angelo DePalma, PhD

Aside from safety, saving energy is the trend in fume hoods these days.

Vaccination Innovation

By Rachel Muenz

Making a difference in the world is the main perk of working at the Redbiotec AG lab.