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INSIGHTS on Fume Hoods

INSIGHTS on Fume Hoods


Aside from safety, saving energy is the trend in fume hoods these days. Hoods are energy hogs that suck thousands of cub...
Breathing Easy

Breathing Easy


A building’s indoor air quality, known as IAQ—and now broadened to indoor environmental quality (IEQ)&m...

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New Product Spotlight

UHPLC System

System aims to boost usability, productivity, and performance.

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Rotary Evaporator
RC 900

This rotary evaporator boasts user-friendly features and wireless control.

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Scientific Portfolio
New brand aims to help science-driven companies enhance R&D, manufacturing, and more.

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Navigating The Post-Sequestration Landscape Cover

Achieving A Collaborative Consensus

By Kristin Arnold

Just because you put people together doesn’t mean they are going to collaborate well and achieve the desired results.

The Right Reader

By Michael Fejtl

Microplate reader requirements for cell-based assays need to be considered carefully.

Lab Safety Tip

By James A. Kaufman

Provide guards on vacuum pumps and secure compressed gas cylinders to keep your lab safe and sound.

Trends in Freeze Drying

By Trevor Henderson

It's all about temperature, pressure, and time. Learn the latest developments in freeze drying technology.