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Designing qPCR Assays
Designing qPCR Assays
To quantify nucleic acids, DNA, or RNA, scientists often use the quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR)....

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GC-MS: Torion T-9

Portable technology remains as rugged, reliabile, fast, and easy as ever.

Lab Coat: Workrite® FR/CP™

First-of-its-kind lab coat guards against multiple hazards.

Titration Instruments: Titration Excellence

New line of instruments allows users to customize their titrator to their specific needs.

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Laboratory Exhaust Systems Simplified

Laboratory fume hoods are designed to protect the worker by containing and exhausting harmful or toxic fumes, gases, or vapors from chemicals used in



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thumbnailThe Key to Getting More Women into Leadership Positions

Recent study shows it’s a lack of company support that keeps many women from pursuing leadership positions, rather than lack of ambition.

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