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Sustainable Science
Sustainable Science
Ensuring that both new and existing laboratories are environmentally sustainable is not just a trendy label—i...
High-Vacuum Situations
High-Vacuum Situations
In complicated applications of high vacuum, the technology must really fit the situation.

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New Product Spotlight

GC/MSD System: 5977B

GC-MSD system is most sensitive in its class and includes a new high-efficiency ion source.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer: UV/ VIS Excellence

UV-Vis line looks to make analyses quicker and easier.

Rotary Evaporator: Rotavapor R-300

System’s modular platform allows users to adapt to their changing needs.

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Labs Less Ordinary Cover

Labs Less Ordinary

For many scientists, research is nothing like what we see in TV and movies.


Digital PCR (dPCR) is a gene amplification method particularly suited to detecting and quantifying rare genes.

Out of Control

State and federal agencies are very serious when it comes to controlled substances. And you should be too.



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thumbnailWorld’s First -70C Walk-In Chamber Launched

World-famous polar explorer helps launch new cold storage solution.

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