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High-Vacuum Situations
High-Vacuum Situations
In complicated applications of high vacuum, the technology must really fit the situation.

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GC/MSD System: 5977B

GC-MSD system is most sensitive in its class and includes a new high-efficiency ion source.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer: UV/ VIS Excellence

UV-Vis line looks to make analyses quicker and easier.

Rotary Evaporator: Rotavapor R-300

System’s modular platform allows users to adapt to their changing needs.

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A New Generation Cover

A New Generation

“This is not your grandfather’s or grandmother’s national lab system anymore.”

Managing Workflow

A workflow management system can enhance your laboratory’s operation, no matter what type of lab you have.

The Case for Primary Cells

Primary cells have been a key part of life sciences research, and demand for these cells is at an all-time high.



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thumbnailWorld’s First -70C Walk-In Chamber Launched

World-famous polar explorer helps launch new cold storage solution.

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