Vince McLeod, CIH, Author Profile

Vince McLeod Bio PictureVince McLeod, CIH, is an American Board of Industrial Hygiene–certified industrial hygienist (CIH) and the senior IH with Ascend Environmental + Health Hygiene, LLC, in Winter Garden, Florida. He has more than 35 years’ experience in industrial hygiene and environmental engineering services, including 28 years with the University of Florida’s Environmental Health & Safety Division. His consulting experience includes comprehensive industrial hygiene assessments for major power-generation, manufacturing, production, and distribution facilities.

Recent Articles

Rash Decisions

June 10, 2010

Recognizing and preventing latex rubber glove allergies.

The ABCs of IEQ

May 7, 2010

Design considerations for laboratory indoor environmental quality.

Know Your Flow!

April 2, 2010

The basic design principles and proper operation of your chemical fume hood.

Separation Anxiety

February 8, 2010

Here is a statistic that jumped out at me recently: improper storage of chemicals accounts for nearly 25 percent of all chemi...

Burn Notice

January 6, 2010

Some tips and rules of thumb for safe storage of flammables in the lab.

Knock! Knock!

December 3, 2009

The how, when and what for a meaningful lab safety audit.

Keeping Safety in Sight

November 6, 2009

Vision is one of our most precious senses. Injuries can lead to long-term problems or permanent disability. With the cost and...


October 7, 2009

Since exhaust hoods are among the major expense items for research laboratories and have a huge impact on continuing operatio...

Evaluating Training

September 3, 2009

With a research facility’s typical mix of research laboratories, instrument rooms, chemical storage, waste handling and...

Take this Jar & Shelve It

July 17, 2009

If there is something that all laboratories have in common, it is bottles and bottles of chemicals. And if we are not diligen...

Lab Safety Revisited

June 11, 2009

This month's cover story invites you to take a walk through your lab and look at everything as though seeing it for the first...

Job Hazard Analysis

June 11, 2009

Job Hazard Analysis - One of the cornerstones of any successful safety and health program is job hazard analysis (JHA).

Handle with Care

May 13, 2009

Probably the single most common item of personal protection in the laboratory is the glove. Yet it is also the item most like...

Wasting Away in Laboritaville

November 13, 2008

Smart chemical waste management relies on a written program, accurate characterization of waste and an understanding of accum...