Buying a LIMS

How a Thorough and Disciplined Approach Can Help Buyers Avoid Unforeseen Costs and Other Surprises.

Modeling and Simulating Science

Computation Unravels Old and New Questions in Biology and Chemistry.

The Challenges of High Performance Computing

The need for storage and management is more pressing than data generation.

Competitive Advantage

Networking applications and the cloud have made it easier for individuals and businesses to collaborate. Meanwhile, the digit...

Enterprise Resource Planning

Superhighway for lab communication amoung disparate laboratory software systems.

Lab Automation is Inevitable

In September 2012, the Institute for Laboratory Automation and Lab Manager — as part of the Lab Automation University p...

Concerning The Cloud

While cloud computing is merely a metaphor to signify the abstraction of technology, resources and locations, the possibility...

Modular & Flexible

Automated biological testing can take on many forms, ranging from individual instruments performing a single task to large, r...

Automatic Identification

Performance and productivity expectations for the modern laboratory have never been higher. Test results must be accurate, ti...