Mobile devices According to some sources, smartphones have become ubiquitous in laboratories as increasing numbers of apps are now targeted to scientists. Examples include: Solutions, an app that helps you prepare your buffers before you start an experiment; chemical databases PubChem and Chebi; The Elements, dubbed “the periodic table on steroids;” and MyCalculator, designed for those dealing with 2D and 3D math that lets you plot your function and find those points of interest on your iPhone. Some vendors are also releasing laboratory apps for biological research.

Obviously, this technology will only become more important to lab professionals. Because of that, we will be closely tracking its growing acceptance and adoption among our readers.

Are you on board? If so, what have you found most useful? Do you see opportunities for new applications? Beyond science, are there apps you use to manage your lab? Please take a minute to send an e-mail ( and let me know. We need your input.

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