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Integrating SAMPLE PREPARATION – Techniques & Applications Conference, a part of the Knowledge Foundation’s Sample Prep Conference Series - an internationally recognized meeting for experts in sample preparation technologies for detection, identification, diagnostics and analysis of biomedical, biological and chemical agents, substances and threats in point-of-care, laboratory and field settings will explore the latest R&D developments, ready-to-market technologies, and their applications by exploring the following topical areas:

  • Application driven sample preparation techniques development
  • Critical role of sample prep in early diagnostics
  • Rapid sample-to-sequence techniques
  • Sample preparation as a separate system vs. an integrated module approach
  • End-user prospective for biodetection and sampling technologies and devices
  • Is remote detection without sample preparation a viable option?
  • Major challenges of sample preparation system integration (front end) approach
  • Recent advances standalone sample preparation systems technology development and application
  • Point-of-care diagnostics applications for virus/pathogen/ threat sampling, detection and analysis
  • Food, water, air, and environmental sampling
  • Alternative and disruptive approaches to sample preparation and applications

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