Glassware is one of those ubiquitous hazards in the lab. Yes, handling glassware with care seems like such a no-brainer, but all you have to do is accidentally knock a glass container over or drop a jar and you’re dealing with a mess. Plus, if the content of the glassware is hazardous the danger is magnified: maybe you get splashed by the contents or you cut yourself trying to clean it up.

When plastic containers are not an option, safety coated glassware may be the solution you’re looking for. Qorpak offers a line of safety coated glassware such as jars, round bottles, containers, and jugs. Below Qorpak provides three reasons why you may want to invest in safety coated glassware:

Benefits of Safety Coated Glass
Safety Coated containers offer the chemical resistance of glass with the safety of plastic. The inherent properties of glass ensure sample integrity and testing results, even during long-term sample storage. Glass historically provides the best resistance to chemicals and protect against gas and liquid permeation.

Improved Slip & Impact Resistance
The plastisol lining, the containers’ protective coating, create improved slip-resistance and improved handling by lab personnel, when compared to standard glass containers. Impact resistance is another key product attribute that limits breakage during normal lab use or during shipping.

Increased Employee Safety
Increased safety is the largest benefit in incorporating these containers in the lab setting. In the instance a Qorpak Safety Coated bottle would be inflicted with a drop or impact strong enough to break the glass structure of the container, the contents within the package and the broken glass pieces would be safely contained by the plastic liner long enough for proper disposal.