If you need to work with radioactive substances in your lab, you’ll need to exercise great care as these are seen as some of the most dangerous materials, even in small amounts.

There are three ways radioactive substances could get into your system and damage your health:

  1. Accidentally swallowing or inhaling powder, vapours, gases or dust
  2. Through contamination of the body (hair, skin, clothing)
  3. From outside sources that emit radiation

However, a few simple tips, along with being aware of how radioactive material can be absorbed into your system, can help minimize the chance of an accident occurring:

  1. Pay careful attention to your superiors’ instructions
  2. Ask for help or clarification if you need it
  3. Ensure the lab is kept clean at all times
  4. Carefully read through your lab manual

Following these tips can help you make sure you don’t fall prey to some of the most hazardous substances in the lab – radioactive materials.