During the past few decades, the technical equipment used in the clinical laboratory has been revolutionized with many technologies previously limited to the analytical lab. We explore the latest trends in these instruments and techniques, as well as solutions to key challenges the clinical lab industry faces. Get clinical research news along with key product information.

Drug Discovery

The development of new drugs to better treat difficult diseases requires significant time, effort, and expenditure. This section keeps you up to date on the latest drug discovery research, technologies, and techniques, providing you with the tools you need to choose the best products for your drug discovery applications and how to integrate those solutions into your lab.


This section focuses on specific instruments and techniques used in environmental science, as well as the latest news, research, and developments in this field. Get tips on how to buy particular products for your environmental laboratory, the latest survey data for those products, and in-depth analyses on the latest challenges and solutions in environmental science.

Food and Beverage

Food science involves the application of various techniques involving microbiology, engineering, biotechnology, and food chemistry. Explore the latest in these techniques along with new developments in instrumentation and research that can take your food and beverage lab to the next level. Also find in-depth analysis on specific lab products used in the food sciences.


Advances in biotechnology and instrumentation have revolutionized the modern forensics lab, presenting new challenges and opportunities for the forensic scientist. Get the latest on these instruments and technologies and how to best apply them to meet the challenges in your lab. This section also shares the latest forensic research news and key product information.

Life Science

The life sciences encompass a wide range of research areas including cell culture, proteomics, genetics, and microbiology–to name a few. Technologies such as next-generation sequencing are revolutionizing this field. Explore the latest in life science technologies and techniques and how they can solve challenges in your lab, as well as research news and life science products.