The Right Choice For Overhead Stirrers

By Rachel Muenz

Common in both industrial and academic laboratories, mixing is an important part of many tasks. Deciding which type of stirrer, magnetic or overhead, is best for you depends on the viscosity and scale of the substance you’re stirring. Overhead stirrers – the best fit for high-viscosity applications – are made up of a stirring fixture or panel, a controller, drive shaft, and a drive mechanism or motor. There are a variety of overhead stirrer configurations as well as analog and digital options. To choose the right overhead stirrer and accessories for your lab, it’s always a good idea to get help from your vendor.


  • Tissue grinding to create low and high dose medications
  • Waste water purification
  • Inks, coatings, glues and adhesives
  • Plastics, polymers, urethane
  • Media prep
  • Food and beverage production
Caframo High Torque BDC Series

Caframo high torque overhead bench-top stirrers are designed and engineered to meet the continuous demands of high volume, high viscosity mixing. A unique two-speed transmission provides incredible power. Caframo’s brushless DC motors and rugged metal housings are durable, dependable, and maintenance-free. Products are made in Canada, always in stock, and shipped worldwide.
  • Three models offer speed ranges from 12-6000 rpm
  • Mix viscosities up to 90,000 cps (max torque 565 N-cm)
  • Digital display of speed (rpm) or torque (N-cm)
  • Through shaft, chuck guard, and overload protection
  • Built to industrial equipment safety standards (IEC1010)
Eberbach Model 7225 Con-Torque Stirrer

Eberbach’s Model 7225 Con-Torque Stirrer is suitable for continuous duty stirring of highly viscous materials. A 1/9 hp motor and gear drive produces 196 oz-in of continuous torque which drives the hollow spindle through a speed range of 0 to 700 rpm.
  • Tool-less manual chuck
  • Hollow spindle for easy shaft adjustment
  • Numerous accessories such as stirring shafts, propellers, blades, clamps, and supports available for Eberbach stirrers, including the Model 7225
Jeio Tech MSP Digital Series

The MSP Series is designed for optimum usability, strongest efficiency in its class, and has an advanced safety system for protecting the user and laboratory environment. This digital overhead stirrer features smooth start up and speed-down functions which prevent spills and splashing and is controlled with a microprocessor.
  • Compact and slim head design
  • PID feedback control system controls and maintains constant motor speed under conditions of changing viscosity
  • Powerful torque means easy use with high viscosity samples
  • Convenient emergency stop
Syrris Atlas Potassium with Heidolph Stirrer and Adaptor

Providing an alternative to the Atlas Scorpion Overhead Stirrer, this adaptor enables additional user flexibility through the incorporation of third-party instrumentation. As a new addition to the Atlas range, the high torque stirrer adaptor enables effective mixing, homogenizing and re-circulating of high viscosity substances with torque feedback.
  • Stirrer can reach speeds up to 1000 rpm when combined with adaptor
  • Can reach a maximum peak overload torque of 40 Newton centimeters (Ncm) or a continuous torque of 20 Ncm with feedback
  • Controlled via the front panel of the stirrer or by the Atlas Software and Atlas Port
  • Consists of support rods, a factory-fitted quick adaptor and a support post
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