Mixing solutions is one of the most common laboratory tasks. Over the years, a number of automated methods for mixing have been devised, all of which remove this burden from the operator by offering a sustained and controlled stirring action for indefinite periods of time.

Commercial labs often “scale down” large manufacturing processes that involve mixing combinations of water, organic solvents, and soluble and insoluble materials to create solutions, suspensions, slurries, syrups, pastes, and creams; others work with inherently viscous materials such as polymers.

Then there is the whole other world of small-scale chemistry, biology, and analytical laboratory operations associated with basic research, or in support of production or manufacturing research and development.

Top 7 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Biological Shaker or Stirrer

1. What is the capacity of the unit (both for total weight and volume)?

2. What accessories are available?

3. What is the RPM range and what increments can it be controlled in?

4. What are the temperature and humidity operating conditions for the unit?

5. What programming functions, if any, does the unit have?

6. What type of motor does the shaker have? A brushed motor is an economical alternative with smooth motion. However, units with brushed motors typically require more maintenance. If a long lasting, quiet motor is a better fit for you, a brushless motor is the way to go, though units with this motor type are usually more expensive.

7. How easy is it to clean and disinfect the unit? What kind of features does the shaker have to prevent it from “walking” or moving off the benchtop? This is especially important if you will be working with hazardous biological materials.

Different types of lab shakers and stirrers respondents are using or planning to purchase for their lab, based on our latest survey:

  Currently Using Planning to Purchase
Rocking shaker 93% 7%
Magnetic stirrers (scale) 95% 5%
Vortex shaker 92% 8%
Hotplate stirrers 90% 10%
Vibrating shaker 88% 12%
Overhead stirrers (economic) 89% 11%
Orbital shaker 88% 12%
Magnetic stirrers (digital) 87% 13%
Biological shaker 87% 13%
Overhead stirrers (analogy) 87% 13%
Incubator shaker 87% 13%
Overhead stirrer (digital) 87% 13%
Reciprocal shaker 86% 14%
Magnetic stirrers (multi positions) 82% 18%
Nutating shaker 82% 18%

Components respondents are using with their lab shakers and stirrers:

Microtube adaptor 22%
Stirring paddles 26%
Plate adaptor 19%
Stirring propellers 32%
Flask attachments 18%
Holding clamps 36%

Recently Released Biological Shakers & Stirrers

• Consist of open air and incubated bench-top models and incubated or refrigerated floor models
• Provide a “hard shake” for bacteria with a speed range from 25 to 525 rpm, while the brushless DC motors allow maintenance-free, 24/7 operation
• Easy to program and include a function that restricts unauthorized or inadvertent changes to key functions

Thermo Fisher Scientific

• Mixes two liters of water-like solutions from 50-2500 rpm
• Comes complete with 6 mm (¼”) diameter mixing shaft, a 3 cm (1 3/16”) axial and radial flow impeller and stand; no tools are required for assembly
• Integral clamp fits the stand rod (or lab lattice) up to 16 mm (5/8”) in diameter



BioShake iQ
• Multiple instruments in one: thermoshaker with temperature control and incubator without shaking
• Features temperature range: RT to 99°C
• Smooth running conditions without vibration or noise
• For microtiter plates, PCR plates, deep well plates, tubes and glass vials
• Boasts compact and lightweight aluminum design; includes two-year warranty


New Brunswick Scientific
• Over 40 models available, including a broad range of open-air incubated, or incubated/refrigerated models
• New model S41i incubator shaker with advanced C02 control now available
• Innova shakers feature triple-eccentric drive for uniform motion and superb reliability under the most adverse conditions
• Economic Excella® shakers feature microprocessorcontrols and heavy-duty counterbalanced drives

New Brunswick Scientific

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