Sample preparation is an essential step in many analyses and the importance of accurate sample preparation techniques cannot be overstated. The sample preparation procedure significantly impacts assay throughput, data quality, and analysis cost.

Top 6 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a system for chromatography analysis sample prep

1. Can this system perform exhaustive extractions in about 10 minutes?

2. Can this extraction system operate unattended overnight?

3. Does the system change solvents and perform rinses automatically between samples?

4. Does the extraction system comply with U.S. EPA methods?

5. How does solvent consumption compare to other systems?

6. Can the extraction system handle solid and semisolid and samples, or are multiple systems needed?

The range of chromatographic approaches spans from paper chromatography to ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography. Consequently, the sample preparation varies as much as the technique. Nonetheless, a few trends apply to this diverse field, including microsampling. When looking at sample prep products, users will want to consider the method of chromatography and then add the detection, such as UV or triple-quad mass spec. The characteristics of the user’s samples are also important in deciding what products to buy; and online tools can be useful in choosing products and equipment, based on the compound.

Time spent per month on the following sample processes for chromatography analysis in our reader’s labs, based on our latest survey:

  Collection of samples Sample preparation Storing of samples Sample analysis Data management
Less than a day 46% 23% 37% 14% 19%
1 - 5 days 29% 37% 34% 37% 44%
6 - 15 days 14% 22% 11% 25% 21%
16 - 25 days 3% 9% 4% 13% 6%
26 - 30 days 8% 8% 13% 11% 10%

The number of samples our respondents process per month for chromatography analysis. Of those respondents whose labs send samples out for analysis, close to 50 percent do so because they don’t have in-house technology available for the analysis; 20 percent require confirmation of their analysis; and 14 percent are required by regulation.

Number of samples processed per month for chromatography analysis Total samples processed Samples processed in-house Samples sent out for Processing
1-25 48% 31% 69%
26-100 23% 74% 26%
101-250 10% 87% 13%
251-500 7% 93% 7%
501-1000 5% 95% 5%
>1001 7% 96% 4%

Recently Released chromatography analysis sample prep products

Dionex AS-AP Sample Conductivity and pH Accessory for IC
• Streamlines IC workflows by automating conductivity and pH measurements before injecting samples onto an IC system
• Allows users to confirm the integrity of their samples in advance
• Accessory also automates other pertinent parts of the measurement process

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Applications Library Function Structure Search
• New Structure Search functionality for accessing Phenomenex’s library of over 6,000 HPLC/UHPLC, GC, and sample preparation applications
• Enables researchers to simply draw the chemical structure instead of entering the analyte compound name or keyword
• Makes searching easy for researchers at all experience levels
• Once structure is drawn online tool provides information on all similar compounds


• Extraction salts and buffer kits are available for all popular QuEChERS variations in this new pouch
• Makes the method even easier to use by simplifying the addition of reagents
• The pouch, with its convenient tear notch and narrow design, easily fits into a 50 mL centrifuge tube making transfer of reagents efficient and assured


SNAP Ultra Flash Chromatography Cartridges
• Feature universal plug and play compatibility
• Deliver high sample loading to reduce purification costs
• Fast flow rates in all types of viscous solvents with spherical media
• Individually lot numbered for traceability
• Universal fit onto all flash systems with Luer inlet and outlet connections


Chromatography Analysis Sample Prep Product Manufacturers

Horizon Technology
Perfinity Biosciences
Porvair Sciences
Thermo Fisher Scientific