Freezers and refrigerators are an integral part of any laboratory that requires temperature controlled storage. Maintaining samples at an optimal temperature while in storage is vital for many lab professionals and this makes choosing the right freezer or refrigerator a crucial task. While the average kitchen freezer operates at about -20°C, laboratory variants have a much wider range of options depending on the storage conditions needed


Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Lab Refrigerator/Freezer

1. How is the product manufactured? Ask about the quality of the materials used and the product life expectation based on manufacturing testing.

2. What is the warranty? What does it include and for how long? Will anything void the warranty?

3. How green is the product? Ask the company to provide details on energy efficiency and have them relate it to your return on investment (e.g. In 4 years will you save enough money in energy costs to pay for your freezer/fridge)?

4. How much sample capacity are you getting for your space?

5. What are the optimal voltage/ wiring conditions for running the fridge/freezer? If the building is older, will low voltage or voltage fluctuations affect the performance of the freezer/fridge?

The temperature range (in degrees Celsius) of the lab freezers/fridges our readers currently use or plan to purchase:

0° to -20°C 26%
-20° to -30°C 16%
-30° to -45°C 5%
-45° to -85°C 40%
Colder than -85°C 7%
Other 5%

Types of freezers our readers are currently using or planning to purchase for their labs:

  Currently Using Planning to Purchase
Blood bank and plasma 94% 6%
Explosion-proof 94% 6%
Flammable materials storage 89% 11%
Upright general purpose lab freezers 91% 9%
Under-counter general purpose lab freezers 94% 6%
Low temperature chest lab freezers 86% 14%
Low temperature upright lab freezers 88% 12%
Upright ultra-low temperature freezers 89% 11%
Chest ultra-low temperature freezers 82% 18%
Other 50% 50%

Do you have a lab freezer or are you planning to purchase a lab freezer for your lab?

Yes 86%
No, but planning to purchase 5%
No, and no plans to purchase 9%

Recently Released Refrigerators/Freezers

6CARFM Lab Refrigerator
• Features a new forced air evaporator system for even greater temperature control and uniformity
• Includes three adjustable, full depth, perforated metal cantilever shelves
• A positive close door hinging system reduces “door ajar” events
• Fits easily under lab benches and can be fully integrated into casework

Marvel Scientific

DHS-9RF Refrigerator/Freezer Combo
• Exterior w x d x h 23.5” x 24” x 79.5” 59 x 61 x 202 (cm)
• Interior w x d x h 19” x 15” x 35” (R) 17” x 15” x 27” (F)
• Features dial temperature control
• Has a temperature range of 4°C (R) to -25°C (F)
• One-year domestic warranty


VialMax Vial Storage and Retrieval Tool
• Designed to work with all sizes of standard cryogenic vials
• Snap-in magnet allows you to continue to do what you’re doing, only smarter and safer
• Can improve your efficiencies, maintain color coding hierarchies, reduce costs due to dewar refilling, and improve lab safety standards and sample security
• Helps maintain the integrity of your specimen


Forma High-Performance Lab Refrigerators with Glass Doors
• Fit a variety of space and storage requirements
• Feature a microprocessor control system, positive airflow systems, and industrial-quality cabinet construction
• Also include extra-strength refrigeration compressors ideal for industrial, clinical and scientific use
• Boast easy-to-use controls with visual displays
• Come with audible/visual alarms for power failures and high/low temperature

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Refrigerator & Freezer Manufacturers

Baker BioScience Solutions
Caron Products
Darwin Chambers
Freezer Concepts
Marvel Scientific
New Brunswick Scientific
Sanyo (now Panasonic Healthcare)
SP Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific