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Filtration makes up a key procedure in a wide range of laboratories, from basic biological and chemical research to industrial applications, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. Many biologists, for example, filter smaller and smaller volumes of sample.

Top 3 Reasons Your Lab Filter Should be Replaced

Some filters have an indicator showing when the product needs replacing.
The filter is nearing the end of its service life.
Tests show that the filter is not removing hazardous substances from the air.
Top 5 Questions You Should ask When Buying Lab Filtration Products
What sort of facility do you work in and what sort of applications do you use filtration for? This will help you determine whether disposable filters are right for you or not. Disposables make sense for any process where cleaning and reuse must be validated but tend to be more expensive than multiple-use filters.
What are the costs of using disposable filters versus the cost of the time and materials needed to clean a multi-use filter? This will help you determine the most cost-effective choice for your lab.
How can the company’s filters eliminate steps in your lab’s workflow?
How pure do you need your samples to be? Again, this helps clarify if disposable or multi-use filters are best for you and also helps narrow down which specific types of filters you’ll need.
What sort of service or support does the company offer?

Five Fast Facts on Lab Filtration

As researchers filter small volumes of sample, they can afford to lose less and less.

When customers do fewer than ten samples a day, they can use syringe filters.

The accuracy of HPLC depends on sample preparation, including filtration.

Challenges in small volumes get even more complicated with ultra-HPLC (UHPLC) but some of these problems can be solved by using a combined filter and autosampler vial.

What a researcher needs when filtering small-volume samples really depends on just what is being done. It depends on the kind of sample and its source; it depends on the question at hand and how it will be analyzed.

Recently Released Lab Filtration Products

Exhaust Filter

  • Keeps your workspace safe and your solvent reservoirs clean
  • Includes a change indicator which shows the elapsed service life clearly and is easy to observe; lets users know when they should change the filter
  • Easy to activate with the push of a button
  • Available in two sizes with three and six month service lives


Nalgene Rapid-Flow Filter for Cell Culture Media

  • Enables faster filtration of cell-culture media
  • All Thermo Scientific Nalgene filter units and bottle-top filters now incorporate the Nalgene Rapid-Flow™ membrane support system
  • Filter design maintains membrane stability, providing better performance and increased flow rates for faster throughput of media
  • Provides a last line of defense against contamination

Thermo Fisher Scientific

ChemTrap™ Ductless Filtration System

  • Eliminates noxious vapors generated by chemicals stored in the fireproof cabinet
  • Allows laboratories equipped with fireproof cabinets to also benefit from a protection against chemical inhalation risks without having to connect to an expensive energy consuming ductwork
  • Provides a simple and fast connection utilizing a universal pipe fitting sheath to a fireproof cabinet


Simplefilter Combined Filtration & Drying Equipment

  • Provides a simplified alternative to more complex and costly technologies
  • Designed for many pharmaceutical and chemical applications
  • Consists of a heated insulated vessel with a filtration media attached to a heated base and a side discharge hatch for efficient drying and uncomplicated removal of the product through a purged GloveBag
  • Available in two standard sizes 0.125m² (50L) and 0.3m² (130L)


Lab Filtration System Manufacturers


EMD Millipore


Pall Life Sciences

Porvair Sciences


Sartorius Stedim



Spectrum Labs


Thermo Fisher Scientific


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