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Mobile technology is finally picking up steam in laboratory information markets. The sweet spots for mobile access are sample collections occurring outside the lab, for example, taking health and safety samples throughout a pharmaceutical facility, in collecting environmental samples in the field, or when testing labs become too cramped to house stand-alone data systems and hardware. On one hand developers of mobile applications strive to be platform-agnostic, but many are now developing dedicated “apps” as well.

Top 7 Signs That You Should Replace Your LIMS

article image You spend more time manually entering data than analyzing the data (let your scientist do more science!).
article image Your LIMS does not interface with all of your instruments or multiple data sources/system interfaces.
article image You cannot access your data from multiple web browsers/devices.
article image You cannot create your own web submission or data entry form.
article image You cannot configure your own LIMS's look and layout.
article image Vendor has discontinued or ended the life of software and support for product.
article image It is cost prohibitive to upgrade to the new version of your current LIMS.

Top 5 Questions That You Should Ask When Buying a LIMS

article image Why does your organization need a LIMS? You and your staff should come up with a cost-benefit list to help you decide if a LIMS is worth investing in.
article image What are your current user requirements and how do you expect those to change five to ten years down the road? Make a list. If you expect your needs to change, a flexible LIMS is likely a good choice. Requirements can include labeling, sample registration, etc.
article image Do you need a consultant to help you decide whether a LIMS is a good fit for you or not? Examine the pros and cons and make sure you properly research potential consultants.
article image How does the company’s LIMS differ from other products out there? Make sure you do your homework and phone each company you’re interested in. If they can’t answer your questions, they probably aren’t a good fit for you.
article image Ask for fact sheets, features lists and case studies from the company. This literature is a starting point for picking the best LIMS for you. A product demonstration is essential.

Recently Released LIMS


  • Allows laboratories to get up and running fast with a fully operational and validated LIMS at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional LIMS project
  • Includes a copy of the LABVANTAGE 6 software that has been preconfigured for pharmaceutical use; a comprehensive, GAMP-based validation document suite; and much more


Clarity LIMS

  • Includes preconfigured workflows for genomics and proteomics technologies
  • Provides key reporting and monitoring of genomics instrumentation
  • Gives users support for regulatory compliance
  • Features an intuitive user interface for lab scientists and lab managers

GenoLogics Scientific Software

SampleManager 11 LIMS

  • Features advanced new tools and user-interface enhancements that improve laboratory process mapping, management and automation
  • Allows users to build workflows to reflect their individual laboratory processes and take ownership of workflow management
  • Automates the logical decisions driving users’ activities, therefore improving throughput by saving time and simplifying user interactions
  • Boasts easy system configuration and deployment

Thermo Fisher Scientific

4.903 Track-IT™

  • Enables users to scan tube codes directly into the software
  • Allows users to scan in only 5 seconds and transfer the codes directly into the Track-IT database program
  • Using this unique capability, laboratories can markedly speed up their sample storage process compared to database programs in which users need to upload spread sheets with scanned tube or rack codes


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