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Top 6 Signs that You Should Service or Replace Your Lab Oven

Ovens should have a regular maintenance schedule to avoid unscheduled downtime and potential loss of product. Components such as gaskets, elements, blowers, etc. should be replaced or verified before they become a problem. Temperature calibration should be checked on a routine basis. 
When your process outgrows your oven’s capabilities. Ovens have very different performance characteristics such as temperature uniformity, temperature range, capacity, heat-up time, and recovery time. If your oven’s performance does not match your process requirements, then it’s time to upgrade. 
If your oven is more than 7 years old, chances are it has parts that are obsolete and impossible to purchase, which could result in excessive downtime. It is better to replace the unit early and reduce the risk. 
When the warranty period has expired. Repairs on units that are out of the warranty can be costly. When a unit is in need of repair and is out of warranty, it may be more economical to buy a new unit. 
Your process may produce hazardous exhaust. Baking certain materials in an oven can produce flammable vapor and/or obnoxious odors. Upgrading your oven to a vented system can do more than make a better smelling workplace, it can also bring you into compliance with government safety regulations. 
Any time you have issues such as slow to reach temperature, temperature variation, noises, reduced airflow, or problems with door alignment and gaskets, you should service or replace your lab oven. 

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Lab Oven

What temperature range do you require? (Does the product have reserve temperature capacity?) 
What accuracy and uniformity does the product have? (Will my sample be damaged or will my experiment only function in one “sweet spot”?) 
Are interior chamber space / weight of my sample and floor space in the lab a match to application and lab? 
Do I need any computer interfaces, alarms or safety devices on my oven? 
Are accessories like data loggers, viewing windows and modifications like access ports available from the manufacturer to suit my specific needs? 

Recently Released Ovens

1425, 1445 and 1465 Vacuum Oven Line

  • New RS485 communication capability allows users to easily program the ramp and soak profile directly from a personal computer
  • Now includes an easy-to-read digital vacuum gauge that provides better vacuum readings
  • Other new features include TUV certification that covers all CE, UL and CSA requirements and a gasket guide to make gasket selection easier



  • Provides gentle heating and drying with minimal air turbulence
  • Microprocessor controls deliver detailed information on current temperature and set points
  • Allows users to set the temperature from 50 to 330 C and store the setting in memory while the oven is off
  • Features a visual over temperature alarm and builtin safety backup

Thermo Fisher Scientific

ED, FD and FED Series

  • Wide temperature range of 5°C above ambient temperature to 300°C allows short heating up times and provides large capacity reserve
  • Excellent thermal insulation reduces operating costs
  • Provides uniform drying conditions through features such as homogeneous temperature control
  • Minimal maintenance and operating costs; short delivery times


TR 60 – 1050 Series

  • Features forced air circulation and a maximum working temperature of 300°C
  • Stainless steel interior chamber is easy to clean and resistant to rust
  • Suitable for various applications, including drying, sterilizing and warm storing
  • Features consistent temperature uniformity


Oven Manufacturers

Binder www.binder-world.com

Boekel Scientific www.boekelsci.com

Carbolite www.carbolite.us

Cascade TEK www.cascadetek.com

ESCO escoglobal.com

Jeio Tech www.jeiotech.com

Labnet International www.labnetlink.com

LABREPCO www.labrepco.com

Lucifer Furnaces www.luciferfurnaces.com

MTI www.mtixtl.com

Nabertherm www.nabertherm.com

SHEL LAB www.shellab.com

So-Low www.so-low.com

SP Industries www.spindustries.com

Stovall Life Science www.slscience.com

Ted Pella www.tedpella.com

Terra Universal www.terrauniversal.com

Thermo Fisher Scientific www.thermoscientific.com

Yamato Scientific America www.yamato-usa.com

Z-Sc1 www.z-sc1.com

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