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An old analog pH meter seemed accurate enough, as long as the task didn’t require much accuracy. Today’s meters must be more accurate and provide more reproducible results. In some cases, pH meters do even more. Some customers want multifunction meters—a device might measure various parameters, including pH, conductivity, ion concentration, and oxidation reduction potential.

Top 5 Signs that You Should Replace Your pH Meter

article image The circuitry or connections have been damaged. 
article image It does not meet current GLP guidelines for measurement or data storage and recording. 
article image You are performing multiple measurements on different instruments instead of using one instrument for simultaneous measurements. 
article image The meter doesn’t meet your current needs for accuracy and efficiency. 
article image Need a meter with more security features or peripheral options. 

Top 6 Questions You Should Ask When Purchasing a pH Meter

article image

What type of connector does the meter use?
a. Is it a BNC or DIN?
b. Is it proprietary or can other manufacturer’s probes be used with it?

article image What is the replacement cost for a pH electrode?
article image What accessories are included with the meter?
a. What is the complete cost of all accessories needed to operate the meter?
article image What type of after sales support is offered?
a. If something goes wrong with the meter, can it be fixed locally?
b. What is the general turn-around time for repair?
article image What makes the company different from other companies that manufacture similar products? 
article image What additional types of features are offered? (GLP data, PC connectivity (USB vs RS 232), calibration timeout, number of calibration points, ISE concentration readout, incremental methods for ISE and mv readout of concentration during calibration process.) 

Recently Released pH Meters

826 Mobile pH Meter

  • Waterproof, rugged pH meter suitable for use in any harsh environment
  • Easy-to-use instrument features level IP67 protection, which seals it against dust and submersion in water up to 1 meter
  • Also features wireless printing, 1 - 3 calibration points, and memory capable of holding 200 results
  • Rugged impact resistant carrying case protects the meter and components in the field


pHit Scanner

  • Requires no calibration
  • Product design eliminates glass electrodes and enhances usability compared to traditional pH meters
  • Can be stored dry and the glass-free design also eliminates the threat of broken pH electrodes
  • Solid-state sensor reduces signal drift for more accurate and reliable measurement
  • Measurement data can be transmitted via USB or Bluetooth

Senova Systems


  • Includes different modules for pH, conductivity, and Ion specific electrodes
  • One-click methods ensure users are always running the same analysis increasing reliability and reproducibility
  • Meter provides a full package of GLP support with PIN protection, GLP printout format and all GLP relevant information stored and USP/EP compliance for conductivity
  • Features user-friendly touchscreen

Mettler Toledo

pHASE pH Electrodes

  • Provide accurate and stable pH measurement changes in dynamic process environments under wide ranging variable temperature conditions
  • Specially designed for variable temperature operation process testing
  • Available in two designs to best suit user needs: the cost-saving, user-friendly sealed design and the Rapid-Renew refillable design, ideal for dirty samples


pH Meter Manufacturers

Beckman Coulter





Hanna Instruments


ITT Analytics



Mettler Toledo

Nova Analytics



Pulse Instrument www.pulseinstrument



Thermo Fisher Scientific

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