2013/2014 Product Resource Guide: Shakers

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Assays from academics to industry require shakers. In the life sciences, for example, one expert says the new uses of shakers basically mimic what you see in the industry, which is an increase in the use of genomics. He adds shakers are used in almost every application in some fashion. For example, shakers are widely used in cell culture work.

Choosing a shaker comes down to such features as heating/cooling capability, capacity, shaking speed, orbital vs. reciprocating motion, ease of use, programmability, heating capability, and footprint. With research budgets tight and lab space even tighter, groups or departments are increasingly sharing shakers. Prep Products (SPE)

Top 5 Signs that You Should Service or Replace Your Shaker

Crowded lab space may mean needing to purchase a shaker that performs more than one function, such as a variety of different motions— orbital, reciprocal, nutating, etc. 
The type or types of shakers you currently have don’t meet your requirements. There are a variety of shakers to choose from, wet, dry, heated, unheated, fast, slow, large, small, and more. 
Your shaker does not have the level of control you need or cannot be customized for your particular applications. 
Mechanical components on the shaker are damaged, dirty, or worn out. 
The warranty is up on your current instrument or instruments and buying new is cheaper than the service costs. 

For the Top 5 Signs that You Should Service or Replace Your Biological Shaker, visit www.labmanager.com/bioshaker-signs

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Purchasing a Shaker

What is the capacity of the unit (both for total weight and volume)? 
What accessories are available? 
What is the RPM range and what increments can it be controlled in? 
What are the temperature and humidity operating conditions for the unit? 
What programming functions, if any, does the unit have? 

For the Top 7 Questions You Should Ask When Purchasing a Biological Shaker or Stirrer, visit www.labmanager.com/bioshaker-questions

Recently Released Shakers

KS 3000 Series Incubator Shakers

  • Series includes the I control and ic control versions
  • Allow for safe, unattended operation in a temperature-controlled environment
  • Large LED display shows the speed, temperature and time settings
  • A circulation fan ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed and that no condensate forms on the surface
  • A wide range of attachments is available


AS 450 basic

  • Sieves large quantities up to 15 kg
  • Accepts sieve diameters up to 450 mm and covers a measuring range from 25 μm to 125 mm
  • Allows time and amplitude to be digitally set
  • Offers efficient electromagnetic drive with 3D movement



  • Provides fast, accurate separations of materials 2mm and finer
  • Touchscreen programmable controller allows selection of vibration level, time, and pauses
  • Allows storage of 99 testing profiles in non-volatile memory
  • For 8in and 200mm sieves

Gilson Company

Lab Plus Series

  • Series includes the VSN-5 Nutating Mixer, the VSM-3 Vortex Mixer, the VSR-50 Variable Speed Rocker, the VSOS-4P Orbital Shaker and HPS-7 Hot Plate Stirrers
  • Features a variety of available accessories for an array of applications
  • Can be integrated into current lab procedures with ease
  • Simplifies everyday lab processes such as mixing, blending and resuspending

PRO Scientific

Shaker Manufacturers

Bel-Art Products www.belart.com

Boekel Scientific www.boekelsci.com

Eberbach www.eberbachlabtools.com

Endecotts USA www.endecotts.com

Eppendorf www.eppendorfna.com

Gilson www.globalgilson.com

Heidolph USA www.heidolphUSA.com

IKA Works www.ika.net

Jeio Tech www.jeiotech.com

Kinematica www.kinematica-inc.com

Labnet International www.labnetlink.com

Labnics Equipment www.labnics.com

LabStrong www.labstrong.com

Pro Scientific www.proscientific.com

Retsch www.retsch-us.com

Sartorius Stedim www.sartorius-stedim.com

Scientific Industries www.scientificindustries.com

Stovall Life Science www.slscience.com

Thermo Fisher Scientific www.thermo.com

Troemner www.troemner.com

UDY Corporation www.udyone.com

Yamato Scientific America www.yamato-usa.com

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