Water Purification Systems

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Lab workers tend to treat water systems like utility or house water—open the spout and pour it out. That is partly true, as water systems have become ultra-reliable. What scientists often fail to note is how thoroughly lab operations depend on water quality. There may be some leeway in certain operations, such as cleaning glassware that will wind up in an autoclave, but even there, delicate techniques such as atomic absorption and polymerase chain reaction are extremely sensitive to impurities.

Top 5 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Lab Water System

article image Issues with water-based lab work—not trusting results.
article image Continuously breaks down and is unreliable.
article image Annual spend: high running costs/repair services.
article image Increased demand for pure water.
article image Desire for an innovative system with up-to-date features and benefits.

Top 4 Questions That You Should Ask When Buying a Lab Water Purification System

article image What do you need the water for? What is your application? What type of water is needed? What is the source of your current water? How much water is required per batch/day? Are there special requirements for delivery?
article image What is your budget? The budget will determine the technology. What is the cost of ownership over five years?
article image Where do you need the system in the lab(s)? Consider, top of counter, under counter or wall mounting the unit. What is the overall footprint/ real estate of the system(s) and components?
article image What kind of warranty and service is provided? Is the system manufactured to quality standards and which ones? Is this a pharmaceutical application, does it need to be validated?

Recently Released Water Purification Systems


  • Provides tap to ultrapure in one step
  • Features an absolute water purity of up to 18.2 MΩ-cm
  • Ergonomic handset shows essential water purity information
  • Includes real time TOC monitoring
  • Suited to analytical and life science applications
  • Also includes a unique choice of water dispense options


Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus

  • Allows simultaneous dispensing from three remote dispensers
  • Delivers excellent flexibility and ease of use required in shared laboratory environments
  • Easy to use and comes with leak detection, feed water monitoring, and all consumables needed to get started, allowing for simple ordering and setup
  • Existing Barnstead models now include enhanced features

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Touch Screen Gemini Series

  • Bright, easy to read 3.5” touch panel provides an easy interface for dispensing and programming up to four batches
  • Resistivity is clearly displayed with system operation status
  • The display turns red to alert the user to alarm conditions

Aries FilterWorks

Millitrack® Compliance Software for Lab Water Systems

  • Included on all new Milli-Q® Advantage and Milli-Q® Integral water purification systems
  • Can be enabled using an activation key provided by EMD Millipore
  • Allows users to comply fully with global regulatory requirements
  • Suited to companies who want to move towards a zero-paper environment where all instruments will automatically generate and store information safely

EMD Millipore

Water Purification System Manufacturers

Aqua Solutions www.aquaa.com

Aries Filterworks http://www.arieswater.com/

Aurora Biomed www.aurorabiomed.com

ELGA www.elgalabwater.com

Labconco www.labconco.com

LabStrong www.labstrong.com

EMD Millipore www.millipore.com

Malvern www.malvern.com

Pall Corporation www.pall.com

Sartorius Stedim www.sartorius-stedim.com

Siemens www.water.siemens.com

Thermo Fisher Scientific www.thermoscientific.com

Z-Sc1 www.z-sc1.com


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