Technology News - 2009 Pittcon Preview

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market at Pittcon 2009.

By Lab Manager


BiOptix LLC -
Microarray BioAnalyzer
Booth 737

  • Incorporates highly-sensitive and label-free technology
  • Has demonstrated sensitivity 10 times greater than competing technologies
  • Sensor array format enables simultaneous affinity measurements of a diverse array of analytes
  • Sensor array also enables identification and correction of bulk and non-specific binding effects
  • Features a small footprint, low power consumption, and user-friendly interface

Cilas Particle Size -
Cilas 1190 Laser Particle Size Analyzer
Booth 737

  • Designed with three lasers, analyzer offers accuracy and precision from 0.04 to 2,500 microns
  • Integrated liquid and dry dispersion technology allows users to switch between dispersion modes without having to switch hardware or realign system
  • An integrated, high resolution imaging system allows for analysis of particle shape
  • All optical components are permanently fixed to a cast iron base plate, ensuring the system is in alignment at all times

EDAX, AMETEK Materials Analysis Division -
Orbis Micro-XRF Inorganic Elemental Analyzer System
Booth 4855

  • Table-top spectrometer incorporates a motorized turret
  • Primary beam filters can be used with X-ray optics for tailored micro to millimeter spot elemental analyses
  • Measurements are non-destructive and require minimal sample preparation
  • System enables users to make elemental analyses on small samples such as particles, fragments and inclusions
  • Users also can conduct automated multi-point and elemental imaging analysis on larger samples

Nippon Instruments North America -
PE-1000 Mercury Analyzer
Booth 3079

  • Analyzer offers simplicity of operation and high-throughput
  • Offers detection limits as low as 0.01 ppb in hydrocarbon samples
  • Uses sealed sample vials and a liquid injection autosampler
  • Features atomic fluorescence detection

Systea Scientific LLC -
EasyChem Plus and Pro Discrete Analyzers
Booth 4775

  • Utilize the most advanced discrete technology available for environmental applications
  • Specifically designed with respect to USEPA methods, dynamic ranges, MDL’s, PQL’s, and a wide variety of sample matrices
  • Perform multiple parameters on samples without operator intervention
  • Lowest operating costs with minimal reagent usage and waste generation
  • USEPA-approved non-hazardous nitrate methodology now available for water and wastewater

Teledyne Leeman Labs -
Hydra-C Mercury Analyzer
Booth 1480

  • Provides measurement of mercury in a variety of samples, without any sample pretreatment
  • Results are achieved in less than five minutes from receipt of sample
  • Analyzer provides direct measurement of Hg in solids or liquids with no sample digestion
  • Elimination of sample digestion step eliminates liquid sample waste
  • High capacity autosampler holds up to 70 samples with easy sample additions

Thermo Scientific -
Niton XL3t Series Analyzers
Booth 1432

  • Features geometrically optimized large area drift detector (GOLDD) technology
  • Is as much as 10 times faster than conventional Si-PIN detectors
  • Is up to 3 times more precise than conventional smaller, silicon drift detectors
  • Offers light element detection of magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al), silicon (Si), phosphorus (P) and sulfur (S) without helium or vacuum purging


Adam Equipment, Inc. -
Highland™ Balance
Booth 3486


  • Features rechargeable battery, removable draft shield, and stainless steel pan
  • Built-in HandiCal™ enables external calibration
  • ShockProtect™ provides internal overload protection
  • Built-in security slot allows the use of a standard KensingtonTM-type lock and cable
  • Includes RS-232 and USB interface for communication to computers and printers

Agilent Technologies -
7693A Automatic Liquid Sampler (ALS)
Booth 3634 

  • Minimizes operator variability by automating time-consuming sample preparation steps
  • Provides better than 1 percent RSD for samples from 50 nl to 250 μl
  • GC cycle times are up to five times shorter than other autosamplers
  • Automation Engine software allows users to create sample prep protocols without knowledge of complex programming languages

Aqua Solutions, Inc. -
Laboratory Water Purification Systems
Booth 3285

  • Type I Systems produce 2-3 LPM of 18-Megohm water directly from ordinary tap water or pre-treated water
  • Analytical, biological, and ultra-low TOC versions are available with or without built-in reverse osmosis pretreatment for operation anywhere in the world
  • Systems feature continuous recirculation to maintain maximum water purity
  • Ultrapure water is instantly available on demand up to 7 feet from the system via the included remote dispenser

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation -
800A3A RF Amplifier
Booth 3788

  • Internal impedance transformer features selectable values of 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 400 ohms
  • 800 watt, 10 kHz – 3 MHz amplifier offers impedance-matching capabilities and excellent mismatch tolerance
  • 1500 and 5000 watt amplifiers in this frequency range and external impedance transformers for applications requiring an extended range from 8 to 2000 ohms are available

Biosensing Instrument -
Electrochemical Flow-through SPR
Booth 2604

  • Small cell volume facilitates rapid sample exchange and fast kinetic studies and reduces consumption
  • Dual-channel allows users to easily perform control experiments and to develop new applications
  • Enables real-time monitoring of influx/efflux of ions within redox thin films

Databases of Chemical Information
Booth 3209

  • Databases cover disclosed chemistry and substance information from journals, patents, and selected web sources
  • Covers 10,000 currently published journals and patents from 57 patent authorities
  • CAS REGISTRYSM provides the most current collection of chemical substance information
  • Products and services, including SciFinder® and STN®, make this content accessible for search and analysis  

530 Series Automatic Switchover System
Booth 1845


  • Delivers continuous supply of high-pressure non-corrosive, non-oxidizing gas at flows up to 4000 SCFH
  • Allows user to select from 3000, 4500, or 6000 psig source pressures and accurately control outlet pressures in four delivery pressure ranges
  • Includes a final line pressure regulator that can be adjusted from 0-1000 psig up to 0-3000psig, depending on model
  • Can be configured with remote alarm capability that alerts user the system has depleted primary supply source and has changed over to reserve supply
  • Chrome-plated barstock brass-bodied regulators with “dynamic cartridge” and Capsule® seat assembly ensure precise pressure control and increased service life

DyChrom -
JTD-505III Automated Purge and Trap Sampler
Booth 2271

  • Curie point heating principle rapidly heats trapped organic compounds to achieve high sensitivity
  • Sampler includes large capacity quartz sample tubes to analyze a range of samples from low boiling VOC to high boiling components
  • Up to 15 quartz sample tubes can be loaded onto the auto sampler rack for unattended operation
  • Unit can process sample tubes in random order allowing one sample tube to be a blank check for contamination
  • Sampler can be installed on all commercial gas chromatographs 


Environmental Express Inc. -
AutoBlock® Automated Metals Digestions
Booth 3081

  • Self-contained system provides automatic, unattended metals digestion of up to 54 samples
  • System features a color touch-screen controller and an internal HEPA filtered air system
  • System is capable of dispensing up to 10 reagents
  • Can perform three different digestion procedures independently and simultaneously
  • System is constructed of graphite, Teflon® and other non-corrosive materials   

Expert System Solutions S.r.l. -
Optical Dilatometers MISURA®
Booth 1988

  • Carry out thermomechanical measurements with no contact
  • Determine thermal expansion or sintering behavior of several materials, even up to their complete melting
  • Using dilatometric information, viscosity and surface tension can be calculated  

FEI Company -
Magellan™ Extreme High-resolution Scanning Electron Microscope
Booth 1642

  • Enables viewing of 3D surface images at many different angles and at resolutions below one nanometer
  • Images samples at very low beam energies
  • Avoids distortions otherwise caused by the beam penetrating into the material below  

Fine Care Biosystems -
Smart™ Fully Autoclavable Micropipette
Booth 2507

  • Special design spring for piston operation reduces RSI
  • Offers five times more sensitive volume display; a micropipette with 100- 1000ul volume range has an increment of 1ul instead of 5ul
  • Counter lock mechanism prevents accidental volume change
  • Re-calibration knob is easily accessible and prevents any accidental deflection
  • Complete pipette can be disassembled for servicing and maintenance at customer end without special tools


Glass Expansion -
TruFlo Sample Monitor
Booth 1473

  • Ensures actual rate of sample uptake to the nebulizer is always known
  • Reduces the need to repeat measurements due to a blocked nebulizer, worn pump tubing or incorrect clamping of the pump tube
  • Alarm can sound if sample uptake is outside specified limits
  • Monitor is easy to install and is compatible with all ICP-OES and ICP-MS models


Hamilton Company -
VISIFERMTM Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
booth 1442

  • Integrated microprocessor combines the functionality of a classical DO sensor with self-diagnostics
  • Less maintenance is required because the sensor lacks the mechanically sensitive membrane and corrosive electrolytes
  • Sensor is autoclavable, steam-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP) compatible
  • Provides accurate oxygen measurement independent of flow and media type

Hirschmann, Inc. -
Opus Bottle-top MountedLiquid Handling Pump
Booth 4175

  • Available as a 20 and 50 mL model
  • Features injection-moulded piston in one piece from a ceramic compound
  • Is chemically resistant
  • Separated controller features touch-screen display
  • Can be used as a manual titrator or a programmable dispenser depending on controller used


IDEX Health & Science LLC -
Controlled Delivery Module (CDM)
Booth 2048

  • Compact pump module provides precise liquid flow control through feedback from an integrated flow sensor
  • Can be integrated into an equipment manufacturer’s instrument allowing shorter instrument development times
  • Has been applied to mass spectrometry calibration as well as in vitro diagnostics instrumentation


Steelco LAB680 Laboratory Glassware Washer
Booth 2686

  • HEPA filtered hot air guarantees complete in- and outside drying results
  • Includes four levels of spindle racks with five different positions
  • Features 316L SS chamber, two liquid dosing pumps with level control, computer interface and a triple water filtering system
  • Flow-meter for detergent and water minimizes utility consumption
  • Conductivity probes and built-in printer for validation are available


Keur Industries, Inc. -
Discovery Bench System
Booth 4374

  • System can incorporate the storage required
  • Lends itself well to supply data, plumbing, and electrical systems through the super structure and chase components


KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc. -
FlexStream™ Automated Gas Standards Generator
Booth 2057

  • Offers total flexibility for creating precision gas mixtures
  • Mixtures are produced by diluting the emission from permeation tubes, or diffusion tubes with an inert diluent, typically nitrogen or zero air
  • Suited for creating trace concentration – ppm, ppb, and pptr – mixtures
  • An internal microprocessor sets the operating mode and adjusts dilution flows to achieve desired concentrations


KNF Neuberger, Inc. -
Wireless SC920 Series Vacuum Pump System
Booth 870

  • Brings fast and precise processing, extremely quiet operation and easy regulation of all vacuums
  • Wireless touch screen remote provides full operation of different operating modes and functions
  • Supports: vessel evacuation; constant pressure control; automatic detection of the sample’s vapor pressure; and intelligent regulation of process pressure
  • Diaphragm stabilization system provides high suction speeds even at low pressures
  • Pump can also be controlled via a PC using Windows-based software


Labtronics Inc. -
Nexxis ELN
Booth 1155

  • Web-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook replaces paper documents and notebooks with electronic forms
  • ReDI™ (Rapid eForm Development and Implementation) technology transfers paper documents into electronic forms
  • Drag and drop interface requires no programming or custom code


LAUDA-Brinkmann, LP -
LAUDA Integral XT 1590 W
Booth 1971

  • First of the Integral XT Thermostats with a temperature range that spans down to -90oC
  • Top end temperatures reach 200oC for high temperature reactions
  • Features outstanding cooling capacity at ultra low temperatures
  • Suited for applications requiring rapid temperature changes and reliable heating and cooling
  • Water-cooled to eliminate heat and noise emissions into the laboratory


Leister -
MEMS-based Mid-Infrared Sources
Booth 2036

  • IR sources are micro-machined, electrically modulated thermal infrared emitters
  • Feature true black body radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime
  • Sources are packaged in compact TO-39 cans and are available with protective cap or with reflector
  • Sources can be fitted either with Sapphire, CaF2 or BaF2 windows


Malvern Instruments -
Zetasizer μV Light Scattering System
Booth 2027

  • Specifically intended for the characterization of proteins and other biomolecules
  • Requires just two microliters of sample
  • Enables measurement of as little as 40 nanograms of BSA (bovine serum albumin), for example
  • Supports improved understanding and management of a wide range of biomolecule applications.


Metrohm USA -
888 Titrando® and 890 Titrando®
Booth 1448

  • The 888 Titrando is for potentiometric titration; 890 Titrando for Karl Fischer titration
  • Both instruments are designed for routine analysis in titration laboratories
  • Standard application methods can be modified according to user requirements
  • Method and calculation equation templates are provided for method development
  • Both systems connect to balances, printers, PCs, PC keyboards, barcode readers and sample changers

Miele -
G 7893 Washer
Booth 4085

  • Compact washer combines capabilities of undercounter washers with true HEPA-filtered forced-air drying
  • 24-inch wide glassware washer is capable of complete drying in 15-30 minutes
  • Drying times and temperatures are fully adjustable up to 115C
  • Cool down step also is offered so glassware can be safely handled after drying cycle


Mott Manufacturing Ltd. -
Optima™ Fume Hood
Booth 2403

  • Interior work space of the hood is optimized by slender 2” side posts
  • Work surface is height adjustable from 30” to 36” through a motorized electro-hydraulic mechanism
  • Automatic self-lowering sash system, service fixture controls and receptacles are located in recessed apron pockets below the work surface
  • Self-supporting structure allows for mobile or slide-in cabinetry beneath to be relocated from hood to hood or throughout the lab
  • A range of standard widths and interior liners are available


optek-Danulat, Inc. -
Benchtop Turbidity Meter
Booth 2505

  • Triple-beam, optical design measures forward scatter (11°), side scatter (90°), and direct (0°) light
  • Drift-free, factory zero point assures sensitivity and precision
  • Inline UV-VIS-NIR, scattered (turbidity) light and pH and conductivity sensors and probes provide real-time, repeatable measurements
  • Modular design and durable construction for high temperature, high pressure, and CIP applications


Parker Hannifin -
OFS350-DRI and OFS350-OSC Step Motor Drives
Booth 4079

  • OFS350-DRI microstepping, 3.5 amps, 42 VDC offers 400 to 12,800 steps per revolution
  • OFS350-DRI drive includes an automatic feature to lower motor current by 50% whenever the motor is left at rest for more than one second
  • OFS350-OSC digital oscillator microstepping, 3.5 amps, 42 VDC offers 12,800 steps per revolution
  • OFS350-OSC drive includes five optically isolated inputs, external speed control, tach output, and internal pots for accel/decel rate along with high- and low-speed range selection
  • Both feature a step phase sequencer with MOSFET three-state switching amplifiers, and optoisolated circuits


Porvair Sciences Ltd -
24-well MiniVAP™ Sample Concentrator
Booth 3877

  • Takes just minutes to dry down a plate
  • Compact design
  • Fits into any standard fume cupboard
  • Ideal for laboratories tasked with smaller numbers of individual 24-well plates


Precise Automation, Inc. -
PreciseFlex SCARA Robo
Booth 3005

  • Robot features a vision-guided controller, kinematics for Cartesian coordinate motion, and servo motors
  • When equipped with a vertical gripper, robots can assemble parts within a 600mm radial working area
  • With a horizontal gripper, robots can service several linear or curved rows of stacked storage locations that need not be directly in-line with the robot’s base
  • Robots come fully assembled
  • Controller and harnesses are embedded within the robot’s structure, resulting in a smaller footprint


Aries Filterworks -
Gemini-Mini Basin (Gemini-MB)
Booth 3110

  • Wall-mounted, high-flow, point-of-use polisher dispenses Ultra Pure Water at a rate of 3.7-lpm
  • Flow rate is over 3 times faster than traditional polishing systems
  • Can be intuitively programmed to automatically fill and stop at precise volumes
  • Dispensing features include: ability to program four independent batch volumes; remote dispense gun with full recirculation and submicron filter; direct feed
    of equipment downstream


Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc. -
HPR Series High Pressure Chemical Reactors
Booth 2513

  • Reactors range in size from 50 ml to 8 liters and may be operated up to 10,000 psi and 350C
  • Magnetically coupled impeller provides optimal mixing
  • High pressure components are ASME rated and protected by a rupture disc
  • Compact instruments fit easily into a fume hood
  • Modular design enables easy alteration of basic configuration to adapt to evolving application needs
  • All functions are controlled by an integrated processor with a full color touch screen


Sierra Instruments, Inc. -
Max-Trak® Model 180 Industrial Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
Booth 1315

  • Available with 316 stainless steel (ANSI or DIN) flange mounting for gas flow rates up to 1000 SLPM (pipe sizes up to 1 inch / 25mm)
  • Model 180 flanged has +/-1% of FS accuracy and +/-0.2% of FS repeatability
  • Can communicate to a user workstation via RS-232, RS-485 or one of 4 analog signals
  • NEMA 6/IP67 rated mass flow controller conforms to rigorous water-resistant requirements
  • Well-suited to handle challenges commonly found in heavy industrial applications


Silk Scientific, Inc. -
UN-SCAN-IT Graph & Gel Digitizing Software
Booth 1603

  • Windows and Mac OS X versions automatically convert scanned graphs to (x,y) data using a drag and drop interface
  • Software features colored data line follower, improved grid line filters, and a graphical (x,y) data eraser
  • Works with any scanner or image input device
  • Can be used to digitize journal graphs, strip chart output, old graphs, or any other hardcopy graph
  • Software can integrate peak areas, smooth data, take derivatives, enhance data resolution, edit and append data, re-scale graphs, and store data in ASCII format


Systat Software, Inc. -
Booth 97

  • Based on Oracle® relational database system and designed for use in R&D, production, and environmental requirements in both industry and the public sector
  • Supports the entire order-processing chain in laboratory operations
  • Holistic system offers administrative functions as well as support for laboratory management


Tecan -
OEM Liquid Handling Robots and Pumps
Booth 1386

  • Cavro® Omni Robot is easily configurable for many different applications
  • Designed for easy integration, being both simple to install and to operate
  • Cavro Centris Pump uses long-life ceramics for the fluidic path
  • Outperforms conventional pumps in precision and longevity, even with aggressive solvents
  • Offers a broad working volume range from a single syringe size


Thermcraft, Inc. -
eXPRESS-LINE 1100C Split Tube Furnace
Booth 2219

  • Features removable, replaceable and customizable vestibule blocks
  • Allows for multiple diameter process tubes to be used within the unit’s heated chamber
  • Designed in two standard sizes, 3” ID or 6” ID and in four different lengths: 12”, 18”, 24” and 36”
  • Features 16-gauge welded steel cabinet that can be mounted vertical or horizontal


UltraVolt, Inc. -
“E” Series Line Power Supplies
Booth 2540

  • Operate from 0 to ±1kV through 0 to ±15kV at 4 watts, 15/20 watts, or 30 watts
  • Offer a high-resolution, programmable, high-voltage DC output optimized for bias or power applications with reliable ppm level performance in a low micro-discharge design
  • Engineered for a variety of instruments including mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, e-beam and i-beam systems, APDs, channel electron multipliers, scintillators, PMTs, thin-film and thick-film systems, and residual gas analyzers


Universal Electric Corp. -
Starline™ Plug-In Raceway
Booth 4960

  • Provides the ability to add or relocate electrical outlet plug-in modules anywhere on the raceway quickly and easily
  • Insulated copper bus bars are preinstalled in the raceway sections
  • Optional datacom channel is available for data, video and audio applications
  • Computer and phone jacks can be placed at any location on the cable channel quickly and easily
  • System is tested to meet NEC and UL standards and carries the ETL mark


Velquest Corp. -
ePMC Platform (Electronic Process Management and Compliance Platform)
Booth 852

  • Paperless laboratory execution and batch record workflow system
  • Provides a common platform for Process/Analytical Development groups, QC/QA cGMP labs, and Plant Batch Record documentation groups
  • Contains an integral Electronic Notebook and facilitates the technology transfer tasks as a drug is developed and commercialized
  • In production, all QC testing and batch records are automated with respect to method/ SOP viewing, data capture from all instruments and integration with IT systems (CDS, LIMS and/or ERP)


Zumatrix, Inc. -
Matrix Gemini LIMS 5.2
Booth 856

  • Functionality includes direct integration with email for sending messages and built-in SPC controls to produce control charts
  • Easier control of parent-child sample relationships improves the tracking and reporting of aliquots
  • Dashboards provide “status-at-a-glance” information to management
  • Configuration tools allow screens to contain different fonts, font sizes, colors and images in different formats, producing systems that are easier to use



Alconox, Inc. -
SOLUJET® Low-Foaming Phosphate-Free Liquid Detergent
Booth 4062

  • Cleans glass, metal, plastic and ceramics in all kinds of machine washers
  • For use in labware washers, dishwashers, washer sterilizers, washer-sanitizers, cart washers and spray washers
  • Saves time and cost due to rapid penetrating power
  • Tackles demanding residues at low concentrations

Bio-Chem Fluidics -
Omnifit® T-Series Bottle Caps
Booth 2719

  • Prevent harmful chemicals and vapors from escaping
  • PTFE inner portion and an anti-twist design allow the inner body of the cap to spin freely
  • Caps require no fittings; 1/8” tubing is simply pushed through luer ports in the cap
  • Luer ports allow connection of other sizes via a range of luer adaptors
  • Optional integrated check-valves and filters are available

CPI International -
Instrument Supplies and Consumables
Booth 2461

  • Consumables include metals and organic standards, glassware, sample vials, pump tubing, cones and detectors, syringes, columns and liners for all OEM manufacturers of ICP/ ICPMS and GC/GCMS instruments
  • Offers innovative solutions in the areas of lab automation, sample preparation, sample throughput, increase detection limits and problem sample matrixes
  • Colitag™, which is an ONPG/MUG based total coliform and E.coli test, competes favorably with other available tests


Hellma USA, Inc. -
Fiber Optic Probes
Booth 1826

  • Ultra mini probes with an outer diameter of 3.2 mm and high pressure/high temperature probes with an outer diameter of 32 mm are available.
  • Probes can be tailor made for special applications
  • Measuring heads are made entirely of quartz, which is resistant to nearly all kinds of chemicals and aggressive media
  • Probes withstand very high and very low temperatures and also high pressures

High-Purity Standards -
NIST-traceable Standard
Booth 2541

  • NIST-traceable quality control check standard of Be solid from BeO on filter media is available
  • Produced at 0.2μg/Filter, 0.5μg/Filter, 1μg/Filter, and 2μg/Filter on 0.8μm pore, 37mm diameter, nitrocellulose filter media
  • Other concentrations and filter media are available

MD Scientific Glass -
Booth 717

  • Quartz and borosilicate laboratory/scientific glassware fabricated to user specification
  • Company also repairs glassware
  • Master glassblowers and craftsmen manufacture to tight tolerances
  • Markets include pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, chromatography and laser fields

MPT Industries -
OC Lubricant-paste-sealant Products
Booth 515

  • Chemically inert lubricant-paste-sealant materials handle corrosive or oxidizing substances
  • BAM-certified products offer alternatives for compressed/liquefied gas, cryogenic and vacuum industries
  • OC Three PTFE Paste joint and thread sealer is an aqueous based PTFE particle formulation for instrumentation system fine threads, cylinder valves
    and oxygen distribution systems

Pawling Scientific Products -
Cepure 5000 Natural Rubber Septa
Booth 736

  • Improved natural rubber vial septum for chromatography
  • Delivers lower bleed and permeability than those made of silicone
  • Lower bleed reduces the potential for producing chromatograms with interfering peaks
  • Significantly lower permeability when exposed to typical organic solvents used in GC and HPLC analyses
  • Better compatibility with common laboratory solvents such as ketones and alcohols

Photron Pty. Ltd. -
Light Sources
Booth 4151

  • Hollow cathode lamps offer fast warm-up times and extended shelf life
  • Super lamps provide a simple, efficient equivalent to EDLS with a wider range of elements
  • Deuterium arc lamps and coded lamps for some instruments also are available

Saint-Gobain-High Performance Seals -
OmniFlexTM Air Actuated Valves
Booth 1932

  • Low temperature performance 70F (-57C)
  • Low compression set (12%)
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Lower costs than perfluoroelastomers

Sepax Technologies, Inc. -
Antibodix Special Phase for Monoclonal Antibody Separation
Booth 3615

  • Non-porous PS/DVB-based weak cation exchange materials are designed for high resolution separation of MAbs
  • Offers a range of particle size selections: 10, 5, 3 and 1.7 μm, while the decreasing particle size leads to higher separation efficiency and resolution
  • High degree of hydrophilicity of the surface eliminates non-specific protein interactions, improving separation resolution
  • Proprietary chemistry creates optimized high capacity for non-porous particles, resulting in high loading capacity and high resolution

VICI Valco Instruments -
Booth 3117

  • Push-button operation--green to open, red to close--provides safe, user-friendly operations
  • Valve bodies are PTFE with a stainless steel stem
  • Add leak-tight 250 psi sample storage capability to a standard Pressure-Lok® or Luer hub syringe, allowing sample to be pressurized just prior to injection
  • Provide leak-tight closure with syringe access to screw-cap and crimp-top vials, test tubes, flasks, and reaction chambers
  • Models are available with tapers or with 1/4-28 or pipe threads

Wheaton Science Products -
Crimpenstein Electric Crimper/Decapper
Booth 4460

  • For laboratories that crimp or decap large volumes of aluminum seals
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue and improve overall efficiencies with semiautomatic operation
  • Available with quick change jaw-sets in 8, 11, 13 and 20 mm sizes
  • Adjustable jaw intensity with memory allows the user to regulate jaw action as required to achieve the perfect crimp



Aurora Instruments Ltd. -
Lumina 3300 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer
Booth 4578

  • Provides elemental analysis solutions for sub trace detection of mercury and all hydrideforming elements
  • Offers continuous flow or sequential injection sample introduction methods
  • Vapor generator provides enhanced sensitivities and reduced interferences for parts per trilliion detection of numerous elements
  • Light path design enables simultaneous analyses of two elements
  • An autosampler to fully automate the analysis process is available

Biosensing Instrument -
Electrochemical Flow-through SPR
Booth 2604

  • Small cell volume facilitates rapid sample exchange and fast kinetic studies and reduces consumption
  • Dual-channel allows users to easily perform control experiments and to develop new applications
  • Enables real-time monitoring of influx/efflux of ions within redox thin films

Chromsys LLC -
Evolution GC-MS/MS Triple Quad Upgrade
Booth 4145

  • Upgrade for Agilent 5973/5975 mass spec detectors is compatible with systems that feature diffusion or standard turbo pumps
  • A standalone Evolution triple quad system with any of three pump options also is available
  • The system is useful for applications involving high backgrounds or matrix effects

Eksigent Technologies -
ExpressHT™-Ultra HPLC System
Booth 1960

  • Offers cycle times as short as 60 seconds
  • Enables use of small particle stationary phases to deliver narrow peaks to mass spectrometer
  • Uses up to 95 percent less solvent per analysis than traditional systems
  • Microfluidic Flow Control (MFC) technology generates accurate and reproducible flow rates from nanoliters per minute to hundreds of microliters per minute
  • Control software includes integrated drivers for the most widely used mass spectrometry programs

Fortis Technologies -
2.5 μm Particle for HPLC
Booth 2070

  • Manufactured from a pure silica template
  • Allows analysts to move towards ultra high pressure chromatography (UHPLC) performance while operating on traditional 400bar LC systems
  • Offers speed and efficiency without compromising loadability and scalability
  • C18 stationary phase allows ability to operate from pH 1-1


FOSS NIRSystems, Inc. -
XDS MasterLabTM NIR System
Booth 4881

  • Enables automated transmission or reflectance analysis of a tray of multiple tablets or vials
  • Integrated variable spot-size provides optimal sample illumination
  • Offers non-destructive analysis of solids and liquids in less than a minute
  • Requires no sample preparation or reagents and produces no waste
  • Network-ready analyzer facilitates centralized database management

G.A.S. mbH -
MCC-IMS Gas Analytical Sensor Systems
Booth 3516

  • Combines the high selectivity of a Gas Chromatograph (GC)
  • with the sensitivity of an Ion Mobility Spectrometer
  • Suited for special air analytical measurements like the monitoring of clean rooms, industrial process and quality control
  • Building Protection-Ion Mobility Spectrometer (BP-IMS) is an
  • ultra-fast and high sensitive gas detection system for protection
  • against terrorist attacks where Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), Toxic
  • Industrial Chemicals (TICs) or Explosives (TATP) are involved

Harrick Scientific Products -
VariGATRTM Grazing Angle FTIR-ATR Accessory
Booth 4451

  • Designed for analysis of monolayer coatings on metal and silicon substrates
  • Features a variable incident angle of 60-65o and a germanium ATR element, providing more than 10 times the sensitivity of conventional equipment
  • Angle is variable for optimum sensitivity, and the angle that is set is the actual incident angle on the sample
  • Wavelength range is 5000 to 650 cm-1
  • Accommodates samples up to 200mm in diameter, has a built-in slip-clutch pressure applicator, and allows self-purging

Ionicon Analytik GmbH -
Booth 3308

  • Enables users to obtain a broad mass spectrum (> 10,000 amu) in a fraction of a second, with a mass resolution of up to 7000 and a single-digit pptv-range detection limit for most VOCs
  • Isobaric substances may even be identified
  • Low detection limits, low mass fragmentation and straight-forward user interface
  • Instruments does not need a gas supply, can be operated in most environments using a standard“household” power supply
  • Can be remotely operated

Preparative SFC System with Chiral Detection
Booth 4838

  • Back-pressure regulator allows control of system pressure regardless of solvent composition and flow rate
  • Pumping system can deliver up to 120ml/min of CO2 and 60 ml/min of modifier and flush solvents at pressures up to 35 MPa (5000 psi)
  • Injections can be manual or fully automated
  • Repetitive injections can be performed to overlay chromatographic runs
  • Detection choices include UV and/or CD with MS interface capability

MIDAC Corporation -
Illuminator M4500 FTIR Module
Booth 1717

  • IR source and interferometer in each module provides a collimated output beam
  • Compact (16” x 9” x 8”) module can be coupled with any sampling accessory equipped with its own IR detector to create a compact dedicated analyzer
  • Internal IR source can be replaced with a detector module for emissions work or for use with an external IR source
  • Unit can be powered by a 12 volt battery enabling use in remote or field applications
  • Data collection, post processing and report generation are provided by AutoQuant Pro real-time multi-component quantitative analysis package, or the Essential FTIR (EFTIR) general purpose spectroscopy software

Phenomenex -
Onyx™ Monolithic HPLC Columns
Booth 1960

  • 150 X 0.05 mm ID is optimized for the low flow-rate systems used for LC/MS proteomics analysis
  • Column sizes include 0.2 mm C18 column for higher flow rates, 150 X .2 mm trapping column, 150 x .1 C8 column and two ultra-highresolution
    C18 columns at 100 and 200 micron IDs
  • Permeable Onyx media separates viscous biological samples that clog traditional columns

Porvair Filtration Group -
BioVyon™ Protein Purification and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Microplates and Columns
Booth 3877

  • Products feature a highly purified porous polyethylene material
  • Protein A products offer a simple, rapid method for antibody purification, with no slurries to equilibrate and pour into columns
  • Protein A 96-well plates are fully compatible with robotic systems enabling rapid development of automated protocols
  • SPE products offer lower hold up volume and better well-to-well and column-to-column consistency


Rigaku Americas Corp. -
ZSX3 Wavelength Dispersive XRF Instrument
Booth 2420

  • 3.0 kW spectrometer with tube-below design is available with either a vacuum or helium environment in the sample chamber
  • Has the capacity to employ up to 10 flat or curved crystals for analysis of specific elements
  • Can be specifically configured for petrochemical, cement, or metals analysis
  • A range of available software includes SQX standardless quantitative analysis capable of automatically correcting for all matrix effects, and application-specific matching libraries

SEDEX 85 Low Temperature Evaporative Light- Scattering Detector (LT-ELSDTM)
Booth 1843

  • Enables conventional HPLC (analytical and preparative) and U-HPLC or HTLC (analytical and micro)
  • Measures peaks with sub-one second widths and data rates up to 100Hz

Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc. -
SFT-2000 Supercritical Fluid Extractor (SFE)
Booth 2513

  • Offers the flexibility of parallel processing
  • Standard configurations allow for two vessels up to 1 liter capacity each or a single vessel as large as 2 liters
  • A custom version may be equipped with a vessel as large as five liters
  • Pressurization of carbon dioxide at flow rates up to 250 ml/min. is possible
  • Integrated pre-heater guarantees the temperature of the fluid delivered to the extraction vessel is consistent

Shodex -
ODP2 HP Restricted Access Material (RAM) Column
Booth 1069

  • Polymer-based multimode column operates in reversed phase and SEC modes
  • Ideal for small molecules, it provides good retention of polar analytes
  • Excludes proteins, simplifying analysis of APIs in biological samples and reducing the need for pretreatment procedures
  • Column is stable under alkaline conditions, tolerating a pH range (pH3 to 12)
  • Maintains excellent peak shape at salt concentrations as low as 1 mM, and is well suited for LC-MS applications

SMI-LabHut Ltd. -
HT800L HPLC Autosampler
Booth 3205

  • Handles up to 110 autosampler vials or two microplates in an ambient or cooled environment with no re-calibration
  • Up to 10 reagents can be added for derivitization, addition or dilution
  • Contents of any vial may be added to any other vial
  • Samples can be combined, mixed, and injected in microliter or full/partial loop volumes through the integral injection valve

Thermo Scientific -
Exactive Benchtop LC-MS System
Booth 1432

  • System is designed for compound screening and identification applications
  • Uses mass analyzer technology from the LTQ Orbitrap™ platform to provide precise information
  • Ease of uses makes it ideal for non-experts in routine analytical laboratories

Torion Technologies Inc. -
Booth 873

  • Lightweight, field-portable instrument is fast, reliable and easy to operate
  • The capillary GC provides rapid, high resolution separation of analytes
  • TMS supports highly sensitive mass-based detection of a variety of compounds
  • Supported with CUSTODION™ SPME syringes for sample introduction and CHROMION™-1 operating software



Chemir Analytical Services -
Investigative Analytical Chemistry
Booth 2014

  • Independent laboratory specializes in deformulation, material and contaminant identification, failure analysis, competitive product analysis and polymer testing
  • Company provides testing and expert witness testimony for legal issues
  • Facility is ISO 9001 certified, FDA registered and DEA licensed

Crawford Scientific Ltd -
EARL - the Electronic Analytical Reference Library
Booth 1218

  • An on-line resource for analytical chemists to learn about the principles and practices of techniques used in separation sciences
  • Developed by the analytical chemists and training professionals, with contributions by colleagues from industry, academia and instrument vendors
  • Library uses web-based multimedia techniques to present interactive topics in analytical chemistry, including HPLC, LC-MS, GC, GC-MS and SPE
  • Over 3000 pages of online and printable pdf information is arranged in a searchable database for easy access


LabRoots, Inc. -
Scientific Networking Site
Booths 3874 & 3774

  • Free, social networking site enables scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals to connect, collaborate with, and learn from each other
  • Enables scientists to receive highly targeted, up-to-the minute news of scientific discoveries and advancements

Pharmco-AAPER -
Class 10,000 Clean Room and Kosher White Room Operations
Booth 2418

  • Facilities are FDA registered covering the manufacture of sterile alcohol products and other medical devices
  • A green company, PHARMCO-AAPER produces ethanol from corn with a negative carbon footprint
  • All plant operations are 100% waste free

Visual Inspection Qualification (VIQ)
Booth 4148

  • Proprietary program for training and certification quality and manufacturing personnel for the determination of Visual Residue Limits (VRLs)
  • Completely customizable
  • Assists in preparing validation documentation, certified standards for training, analyst qualification test kits, web-based data reporting and management, grading of analyst performance training and record of analyst qualification certificates

Promium -
Environmental Laboratory Information Management
Booth 654

  • Element DataSystem® was designed by environmental laboratory professionals specifically for environmental laboratories
  • With over 200 installations, Promium’s staff have extensive work experience in environmental laboratories
  • Focused on providing information management solutions to laboratories in the environmental, water, construction material, microbiological and food testing disciplines

Tamshell Corporation -
Precision Plastic Machining
Booth 819

  • Provides precision machined plastic and nonmetallic components
  • Designs and manufactures a line of custom spring energized seals and rotary lip seals



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