The XRF Factor

At Pittcon this year, PANalytical revealed a completely new type of analytical X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer.


Multiple X-Ray technologies integrated for first time in new spectrometer

ZetiumThe instrument, called Zetium, features up to four complementary technologies on one multi-functional XRF platform, aiming to change the way scientists think about XRF analysis. The measurement platform of Zetium holds both wavelength dispersive (WD) and energy dispersive (ED) cores for the first time in one instrument and the spectrometer can also include a small spot analysis tool for fast element distribution mapping, and the THETA free lime channel for dedicated cement applications.

“Zetium offers a unique combination of possibilities that put it in a class of its own for analytical power, speed, and task flexibility,” said Simon Milner, product marketing manager for XRF at PANalytical. “And the system has been designed from the ground up to allow customers to take full advantage of all our innovations.”

An example of the new possibilities enabled by the Zetium is that measuring EDand WDXRF simultaneously collects all the data on a sample in one run, cutting experimental time in up to half compared to running two sequential analyses. There are five specific industry editions of the Zetium: Cement, Polymers, Petro, Metals and Minerals, as well as an “Ultimate” edition. Each is available with a choice of four enhanced performance packages for: improved speed and throughput, performance enhancement, robustness and uptime, and flexibility.

“Zetium is a great demonstration of PANalytical’s philosophy of elemental excellence–our focus is firmly on providing the best tools to help our users excel within their businesses,” Milner said.

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