Small System, Many Samples

New ICP-OES tackles the most difficult, high-matrix samples without dilution

By Lab Manager , PerkinElmer

Avio 200 ICP Optical Emission SpectrometerThose dealing with food, industrial, and environmental samples but who also want to save space in the lab now have the industry’s smallest inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) at their disposal. PerkinElmer’s Avio™ 200 helps laboratory professionals running inorganic analyses and facing an expanding range of sample types to test difficult, high-matrix samples without the need for dilution.

The new system has the matrix tolerance to handle a wide variety of samples and to test across a broad set of applications such as: nutrients analysis for nutritional labeling; compliance with the RoHS Directive, an industry restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical/electronic equipment; analysis of soil micronutrients; determination of trace elements in water; and evaluation of metal levels in toys.

“With industry regulations becoming more complex and driving testing for more elements, lab professionals find themselves challenged with managing the associated higher sample volume and time-consuming analyses,” said Jon DiVincenzo, president of environmental health at PerkinElmer. “The Avio 200 system is our latest innovation in ICP instrumentation engineered to help our customers run multi-elemental analyses reliably and efficiently across food safety, industrial, and environmental applications for better health outcomes.”

The Avio 200 is designed to help laboratory professionals enhance their productivity through its ability to deliver increased uptime and minimal maintenance. The system features a vertical plasma design for greater sample flexibility, low argon consumption (via patented Flat Plate™ plasma technology), and fast start up from power-on for enhanced productivity. It also offers high sensitivity and resolution, along with a wide linear range by means of its unique dual optical viewing technology.

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