Insights on Laboratory Design

Volume 0 Issue 8 | December 2012

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Lab Design and Furnishings

Starting Out: Designing for the Unknown

Securing project funds is the first step in the process, and an initial “visioning” workshop with the core team is a good way to establish a budget, notes Mark Paskanik, senior associate at Perkins+Will (Cary, NC). “The visioning workshop helps to align the team members and build consensus on goals.” Once this scope is defined, project managers may leverage business strategies already in place to begin selling the idea to the board or steering team that is usually responsible for establishing or approving the initial budget. “Many times, when there is not enough focus on this first step, the project will not have enough momentum or buy-in to go forward.”

Green Lab Design : Mostly About Air

Since energy and natural resource consumption are huge components of a lab’s operating expenses, no lab design today ignores “green” issues.

Three Case Studies : Laboratory Expansion

Here we explore three case studies on laboration expansion at an emerging metro-Boston biotech company, a small biophotonics R&D lab, and laboratories at the University of California, Irvine; showing how they dealt with the challenges they faced.