Vacations can play a vital role in your ongoing success. But according to an online poll in December, 66% of the people who responded did not use all their vacation days. And it’s reported that many managers who do go on vacations have to take measures to distance themselves from their BlackBerrys, such as going to resorts that don't offer Internet access or requesting that hotels lock the devices away.

Since it seems that taking advantage of vacation time is in almost all managers’ best interest, below are five tips that will help you get the most out of the next one you take regardless of the activities you enjoy:

1. Take Your Vacation When it Benefits You: If you take your vacation to satisfy an obligation, it probably won’t have the same impact as taking a vacation at a time when you need one.

2. Don’t Overplan: While it’s good to be prepared and execute a great game plan, make sure you leave some room for spontaneity and free time. Too tight a schedule might make a vacation not feel like one.

3. Commit to Recharging: In my case, it takes three stages. The first stage involves the struggle to distance my mind from work. The second stage starts at the moment I’m totally devoted to enjoying my vacation, with no other concerns. The third stage is the onset of a renewed desire to return to work, which will develop naturally if I’ve committed to the vacation.

4. Incorporate the Three Essentials: Rest and Relaxation; New Experiences (Adventure); and Entertainment. You don’t have to go far from home to satisfy the three essentials.

5. Refrain from Working: Don’t you owe it to yourself to apply the same dedication to your vacation as you do your work?