In a study of almost 30,000 managers, department heads and bosses, Management Research Group found that high potential managers rated significantly higher in strategic visioning and planning for the future, among other differentiaters.

In a study completed within the past year, Management Research Group (MRG) sought to provide insight into how organizations can best utilize their limited time and resources in their efforts to identify and develop the future leaders within their companies. Dr. Robert Kabacoff, Vice President of Research at MRG, acknowledged that identifying future corporate leaders "takes a tremendous amount of time and expenditure."

Recently featured in an article by the BBC titled "Taking a Chance on Gold Star Workers", this research identifies several key attributes true high potential managers display. In addition to strategic visioning and planning, high potentials also display comfort in a fast paced and changing environment, as well as a willingness to push themselves and others to achieve more challenging goals.

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