BINDER LED light barsApril 2017 —BINDER now offers LED light bars as optional accessories for incubators (KB Series), refrigerated incubators (KT Series), and humidity test chambers (KBF Series). These aluminum strip lights, available in lengths of 11.8”, 19.6” and 35.4”, are water-resistant and can be operated between -5°C and 60°C. The high quality white light LED modules have an illumination of 600 lux and can be used for biological applications requiring reduced luminous intensities. They are easy to install and provide many placement options.

They are available in 3 lengths as basic sets with 2 light bars, mounting clips and a control unit. An expansion set is also available with 2 additional LED light bars and mounting clips. The control unit can be programmed with digital timer and dimmer to set the illumination.

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