Masterflex® L/S® Cytoflow™ Pump Head Vernon Hills, Ill. — The new Masterflex L/S Cytoflow pump head was developed specifically for pumping live cells and shear-sensitive fluids. The pump head is ideal for use in biopharm and microbiology applications and performance in live-cell applications has been verified by independent test data.

The Cytoflow pump head has a large-diameter rotor resulting in high flow rates at low motor speeds. The pump head is available in 2- and 3-roller configurations—two-roller heads offer higher flow rates, three-roller heads deliver less pulsation. The pump head is compatible with all Masterflex L/S drives that accept two or more pump heads.

In addition to the high flow rates at low motor speeds, the Cytoflow pump head has a convex roller design, furthering its cell viability advantages. This combination makes the Cytoflow pump head the best choice for pump operators looking to minimize the impact on live cells and to maintain the consistency of shear-sensitive fluids.

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