Boynton Beach, Florida, July 17, 2017 

Autoflow BETThe Autoflow BET+ is a brand new automatic surface area analyzer designed for high speed, high throughput analyses of powders and porous materials. The Quantachrome engineering staff say that their revolutionary micro-electronics and proprietary sensors have resulted in a compact benchtop unit with today’s modern analytical laboratories in mind, so meeting the customer-oriented design goals. Free of the usual vacuum pump noise and oil issues, the quiet Autoflow BET+ quickly prepares and analyzes multiple samples, and measurement progress can be monitored on a mobile device or Windows® PC. The instrument’s capabilities will, according to Quantachrome’s own very busy lab staff, be appreciated by dynamic industrial QA/QC and central analytical labs in the catalysis, ceramics, powder metals, and pharmaceutical laboratories with a large number of samples to be tested each day. The occasional user will also be expected to benefit from the Autoflow BET+’s rapid-start-up time, simplicity of operation and low operating costs. 

Mr Eric Gelman, Quantachrome’s global director of sales and marketing commented “The Autoflow BET+ is the result of our engineers and scientists re-imagining and re-engineering what a rapid surface area analyzer can be—modular, exceptionally fast, calibration-free . We believe it will be equally appreciated by industry for both traditional and cutting-edge engineered materials, and also in the university environment because of its rigorous adherence to the underlying scientific principles of the measurement. 

The Autoflow BET+ is the latest innovation to be added to Quantachrome’s extensive portfolio of laboratory instruments specially designed to fulfil the requirements of those involved in researching, developing, and manufacturing new materials in the fields of petrochemical, alternative energy, environmental, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries in particular. Details of this product unique to Quantachrome can be found on the company website at