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Bio-Rad Launches Fast, PCR Alternative for Enterobacteriaceae Detection

By Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., a global provider of life science research and clinical diagnostic products, is pleased to introduce the new iQ-Check Enterobacteriaceae real-time PCR detection kit. Testing of total EB based on the standard, culture-based ISO 21528-1 method is labor-intensive and requires at least two days for the screening of negative samples. This is not always ideal when working within production and commercial constraints. Due to the sensitivity and specificity of PCR, results can be obtained in as little as three hours following a single enrichment. 

Enterobacteriaceae (EB) are often used as indicators for hygiene process criteria. They are a large family of Gram-negative bacteria that encompasses some of the most well-known food pathogens like SalmonellaCronobacter, or pathogenic E. coli. For thermally processed food or ingredients, quantification of EB provides both an indication of the efficiency of inactivation treatment, and a guide to post-process recontamination. Qualitative detection is used to discover the presence of EB in matrices such as infant formula and associated ingredients. 

iQ-Check Enterobacteriaceae Kit uses an optimized system of primers and probes to ensure high specificity. It is designed as a multiplex reaction that includes an internal inhibition control that is amplified in parallel with the target DNA for a reliable result (including negative result validation). 

The iQ-Check Free DNA Removal Solution completes and optimizes the method by removing free DNA from food and environmental samples. Bio-Rad offers a complete solution of standardized reagents, such as enrichment media, PCR kits, confirmation agars, PCR detection systems, and software for automated analysis specific for each test. 

Developed as an open and flexible system, the iQ-Check Enterobacteriaceae Kit can be used for up to 94 samples. Reactions can be run on low- or high-throughput Bio-Rad instruments, depending on the laboratory’s needs. Different iQ-Check assays can be run in parallel on the same plate using the iQ-Check Prep Automation System. 


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