InnovaPrep CP Select InnovaPrep, a developer of modern preanalytical sample collection and sample concentration technologies, announces the launch of the Concentrating Pipette Select. The CP Select is the new generation of the popular Concentrating Pipette that was launched in early 2012 with over 100 systems in use by leading government, industry, and research labs. 

The CP Select allows users to accomplish pathogen concentration and inhibitor removal from liquid samples (up to 5 Liters) faster and easier than ever before. Users can choose from 6 high-flow filtered Pipette Tips to concentrate bacteria, parasites, molds, fungal spores, whole cells, and viruses. Recovered pathogens are delivered in seconds with a press of a button ready for analysis using your method of choice. This method effectively replaces enrichment and centrifugation steps saving your technician’s time at the bench, days for growth, and exponentially improved limit of detection which translates to an excellent return on investment.

Fields of application include, but are not limited to: Pharma, drinking water, consumer products safety, industrial and environmental monitoring, biodefense, human and animal diagnostic research, and spoilage screening in beverages.

InnovaPrep’s 30 pending and awarded patents apply to highly effective collection, recovery, and concentration of biological particles from air, surfaces, and liquids. InnovaPrep’s Wet Foam ElutionTM enables recovery of particles from filters, membranes, surfaces, and objects to greatly improve detection of contamination, spoilage organisms, and harmful pathogens.