Coming soon to North and South America through NuAire, Inc. Awel International, based in France, has designed and developed a new line of innovative centrifuges based on a quarter of a century of experience in centrifugation. NuAire’s relationship with Awel dates back over 10 years in the scientific field.

The Awel product line of centrifuges offer classical and multi-functional centrifuges in refrigerated and non-refrigerated models allowing laboratory personnel to select the proper product for their specific application. Awel Centrifugation’s mission is to focus on excellent capacity per space ratio for diagnostic, research, and/or industrial applications. Mutli-function models can handle 100% of applications in Virology, Bacteriology, Immunology, Genetics, and/or Cell Culture.

Save up to 40% of your bench space with a smaller footprint. Unique product technologies prove to raise the bar in user friendly features. AWELook is an ergonomic design focused on reducing user fatigue. A slim design and low profile increase sight lines and reach into the work bowl. In a noisy laboratory, AWELight illuminates a blue light on the centrifuge lid to signify end of cycle. AWELine provides safety level detection. If the unit is not level at the beginning of the run, the centrifuge will alarm and not start. Multi-Function models feature AWELock quick rotor exchange to easily replace rotors without tools. If your application calls for the use of a single rotor, AWELock provides the added convenience of trouble-free removal of the rotor for cleaning of the bowl.

Current bench top products include:

The C 20 / C 20-R series are small capacity laboratory centrifuges offer user-friendly ergonomics: motorized lid opening, reduced height to ensure perfect visibility while loading samples, 10 programs in memory for immediate use, AWELight illuminated handle to indicate end of run.

The C 48 / C 48-R series low speed centrifuges offer an excellent capacity/ space ratio and enhanced ergonomics: motorized lid opening, 10 program memories for direct access, AWELight illuminated handle to indicate end of run.

The MF 20 / MF 20-R series, 4 x 200 ml, is designed to suit all your needs: AWELock rotor exchange without tools and large choice of accessories from 36 x 5/7 ml sample tubes swing-out rotor to 30 x 1.5 ml and 8 x 50 ml angle rotors.

The MF 48 / MF 48-R Series optimize dimensions for 60 tube capacity and a large range of accessories to meet all your requirements up to 13,800 rpm. Programmable acceleration and braking rates allow perfect control of the centrifugation cycle. Refined ergonomics: convenient working height, AWELight illuminated handle to indicate end of run, motorized lid opening.

NuAire with Awel are dedicated to developing and delivering innovative products, establish trust in both products and personnel, seek customer satisfaction, and to continuously improve.

For additional information please visit or call 1.800.328.3352 to speak with a customer sales representative.