The Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon 7.1, an enterprise-ready version of the innovative Chromeleon 7 chromatography data system launched in 2009, combines intelligent functionality with a new user interface based on Operational Simplicity™, and provides the fastest path from samples to results. The software supports Windows 7® (32/64 bit), Windows Vista®, and Windows XP, and is fully scalable from a single workstation to a global enterprise. Chromeleon software version 7.1 adds support for Dionex Summit HPLCs, ASE™ accelerated solvent extractors, and fluorescence detectors, as well as LCs and GCs from Agilent, Waters, and Shimadzu.

Unique new Interactive Charts instantly reveal patterns in results, and provide dynamic interactive links to chromatograms, spectra, and tables that invite exploration and discovery. A method speed-up wizard generates UHPLC methods from existing HPLC methods, making faster chromatography easily accessible. The 3D Amperometry feature enables study and characterization of non-chromophoric compounds with lower cost and complexity compared to mass spectrometry.

For enterprises, centralized license management, centralized data storage, enhanced network failure protection, easy workstation and network setup, and efficient administration tools all save time, ensure reliable operation, and minimize costs. Compliance tools include System Suitability Testing and Electronic Signatures. Together with detailed Audit Trails and automated validation tools, they make the job of maintaining compliance with GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 easier than ever.

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