ErgoOne® pipettes combine researcher requested features with the latest ergonomic principles to provide optimum performance. Achieve accurate and precise delivery with maximum pipetting control and minimum forces.

Reproducible Results

ErgoOne® pipettes are engineered and manufactured to meet strict accuracy and precision specifications. High quality materials provide reproducible results day after day. Each pipette carries an individual serial number and is supplied with a certificate of EN ISO 8655 quality test results. The four-digit display helps you specify a more accurate and reproducible volume, while the volume control locks into place to eliminate drifting or changing during use.

Stress-Relieving Ergonomic Design

Smooth, even plunger forces give you maximum control over sample delivery while minimizing repetitive strain. Tip application requires minimal pressure for complete sealing, and the light, balanced weight reduces fatigue. The handle and curved support hook promote a natural, relaxed grip, and the body length has been optimized for reduced arm stress.

The four-digit volume display is positioned for easy viewing by both left and right handed users. Volume changes can be made quickly with minimal effort, and our popular No-Drift™ volume lock can be set and released with just one hand.

ErgoOne® multichannel tip cone o-rings reduce the tip attachment and ejection forces required for 100 μl and 300 μl pipettes. O-rings also reduce wear on the tip cones and provide better sealing and compatibility with various tips.

Designed by Researchers

We put our years of liquid handling experience to work to create a pipette that reflects your needs. Consulting with laboratory researchers throughout the process, our design team combined the most requested features with the latest ergonomic findings to create an optimized pipette that will become your new favorite.

We also respect your desire to use your choice of pipette tips. ErgoOne® works with TipOne® and other universal tips. We won’t lock you in with a proprietary tip, but we do recommend TipOne® for exceptional fit and performance.

Durable Construction

ErgoOne® pipettes will withstand the rigors of daily laboratory use and are fully autoclavable. The exterior is made with durable UV- and chemical-resistant polypropylene. Single channel 2.5 μl, 10 μl, and 20 μl ultra micro pipettes have stainless steel tip cones for longer life. All ErgoOne® pipettes have a three-year warranty.

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