At RURO, we strive to develop software that combines user-friendly, web-based interfaces with documentation tools suited to even the most complex scientific information and processes. The FreezerPro platform, now celebrating its 5th anniversary, is no exception to this principal.

FreezerPro helps scientists in the following ways:


  • FreezerPro offers effective flexibility in Storage Management, Reporting, and Data Access configurability.
  • Data entered in FreezerPro is organized into virtual freezers, shelves, and boxes, reflecting the actual structure of physical objects.
  • Configurable Sample Types and User-Defined Fields empower laboratories to establish their sample information profiles exactly.
  • Available Communication, Shipping, and Workflow Modules allow users to document specialized sample operations.


  • Truly web-based user interface increases data accessibility- electronic records can be displayed and worked on in the office, at home or other locations.
  • SSL encryption is available to ensure the highest level of information security.


  • Versatile Search Tools dramatically cut down time required to locate information of interest.
  • Visual Label Designer enhances barcode scanning and printing through ease of use.


Thanks to a partnership with industry leaders, RURO is now able to offer RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) hardware in combination with the FreezerPro system. The recently arrived FreezerPro RFID Kit is a complete package that includes all software and hardware needed to bring this exciting technology to any laboratory.

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