Gilson is proud to announce the release of PIPETMAN® L, the latest innovation from Gilson PIPETMAN®, the pipetting standard for nearly 40 years. PIPETMAN L is an adjustable volume pipette that features a Gilson patented volume locking system. Once you lock the thumbwheel, the operating rod is no longer in contact with the counter assembly which is responsible for changing the volume; as you pipette, the volume cannot be accidentally changed – a concern in some manual pipettes. This GLP feature, among other features, meets the current needs of intensive pipette users who desire accuracy and precision without sacrificing comfort.

Low Forces, Lightweight, Lockable Volume

PIPETMAN® L is the latest innovation of Gilson based on ergonomics, comfort and traceability research. This new mechanical pipette combines the PIPETMAN Classic™ legendary robustness, a newly designed body, and state-of-the-art internal mechanism.

With the PIPETMAN L you can now enjoy an extremely lightweight pipette, which has been designed to fit naturally in your hand. Its new shape ensures a perfect fit in any hand and the new hook reduces tensions while holding it. An adjustable tip ejector button has also been implemented to adapt to both right- and- left handed users. Its shape provides intuitive and comfortable handling of the pipette whatever the size of your hand and allows for a reduction in tip ejection forces by up to 50% over the PIPETMAN Neo.

This new pipette has no shortage of GLP features to give you peace-of-mind while pipetting. In addition to the patented-lockable volume mechanism, Gilson has added a unique 2D identification bar code to each pipette which, when scanned with a universal scanner, you can download the product reference, date of manufacture, serial number and nominal volume information.

PIPETMAN L offers the superior comfort you require for your applications. PIPETMAN L is available in 8 single channel models from 2 μL to 10 mL, covering the volume range of 0.2 μ L to 10 mL. Offering two tip ejector styles, plastic and stainless steel, PIPETMAN L is perfect for both corrosive and non-corrosive samples. Both tip ejector styles are equipped with a clip ejector for convenient access to serviceable parts. Like other PIPETMAN families, PIPETMAN L is fitted with a universal tip holder that allows for a secure fit of most leading brands of tips, so there is no need for a dedicated tip brand. You asked, we delivered; comfortable pipette to help you increase your daily throughput without forfeiting accuracy and precision.

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