New Brunswick Scientific’s world renowned laboratory shakers are known for dependable operation and innovative design. New Brunswick offers the widest selection of biological shakers in the industry, with more than 30 models available to suit your exact needs. Our top-of-the-line Innova Lab Shakers feature the New Brunswick triple-eccentric drive for uniform motion and superb reliability under the most adverse conditions. Many of these shakers now provide the added convenience of a programmable controller for automating multiple changes to temperature, speed and running time. Several stackable shakers are also offered, including the Innova 42 & refrigerated Innova 42R - with new lower profile enabling them to also fit on or under your lab bench.

Innova Shakers are versatile, dependable and easy-to-use with wide speed range, options for incubation, refrigeration, photosynthetic lighting, UV germicidal lighting and in- flask gassing, enabling the growth of virtually any cell type. Exceptionally accurate microprocessor-controlled temperature and speed ensure consistent results with specifications of ± 0.1°C at 37°C with a nominal uniformity of 0.25°C in incubated/ refrigerated models and ± 1 rpm, all models. With unmatched convenience and reproducibility the programmable controller automates changes to setpoints, ramps temperature and speed up/down, and turns optional photosynthetic and UV germicidal lights on/off. Additional advantages include: run timed studies with automated agitation shut-off, 0.1 - 99.9 hour timer, in 0.1 hr increments and end-of-study alarm and status light. Virtually all models allow communications with standard laboratory software such as New Brunswick’s optional BioCommand SFI or HyperTerminal to allow downloading of your data to a PC. Known to be the quietest shakers in the industry, the Innova Shakers provide a more favorable work environment. Benefits of ownership include a low maintenance , long-life cool-running brushless motors which never requires lubrication. High-quality components provide years of long life. Supporting our products is a comprehensive warranty of three years for parts and two years on labor which covers the entire machine, not just the drive.

What makes Innova Shakers so reliable? - - Heavy-duty construction allows us to guarantee that our shakers will perform to our specifications, even when fully loaded and operating at top speed: Dependable operation is due in large part to New Brunswick’s often imitated, but never duplicated, Triple-Eccentric Counterbalanced Drive. Our components are fabricated to exacting specifications. Drive shafts, for example, are machined to tolerances of 0.0005 cm (0.0002 in), ensuring stable, vibration-free operation, even when operated at speeds up to 500 rpm. With the highest-quality materials, superior design and precision fabrication, we guarantee our shakers will provide worry-free operation for many years to come. Other manufacturers may offer triple-eccentric drives; only New Brunswick shakers use a broad-based cast-iron support mechanism — the most stable in the industry — properly sized to each shaker, and specifically designed to support high- speed applications and heavy workloads.

New Brunswick, often-imitated, but never duplicated heavyduty, counterbalanced Triple-Eccentric Drive ensures uniform motion is imparted to every flask, regardless of position on the platform. Heavy-duty construction allows us to guarantee that our shakers will perform to our specifications, even when fully loaded and operating at top speed.

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