METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce a new line of bench meters, the SevenCompact ™ series. The new mid-range meters are a great leap forward setting new standards for intuitive operation. The meters fulfill analytical requirements in any industry and in a wide range of workplaces. The SevenCompact™ S220 is a multi-language bench meter for pH/ORP/Ion measurements with the Intelligent Sensor Management ® (ISM®) technology. Its compliment is the SevenCompact™ S230 which is a multi-language bench meter for conductivity/ salinity/TDS/resistivity/conductivity ash measurements with ISM® technology. The S220 and S230 are not only universal and reliable; they are the best in their class.

The SevenCompact™ offers more benefits than most mid-range meters. From security to ease of use, METTLER TOLEDO has you covered.


The series combines precise measurement and innovative design. There is an option to perform straightforward calibrations and measurements with a single key press! The SevenCompact™ guarantees precise and reliable measurements each time.


The meters’ functionality is designed to maximize productivity. In the normal screen layout, all the pertinent information is available. By switching to the uFocus™ view, you will not be distracted as less information is displayed. The 4.3 inch high-resolution color display has large digits and well-arranged icons.


The security package allows you to operate your meter with peace of mind. The GLP support functions, such as PIN protection and GLP print-out, leave nothing to coincidence. There are two modes the meters can function in. The first is the Routine Mode in which the deletion of data and changing of the settings is blocked. The other mode is the Expert Mode, which is PIN protected and allows authorized users to enjoy all functions offered.

Data Management

From entry to archiving, data management is a breeze for the SevenCompact meters. You can enter your sample, user IDs or sensor IDs through three points of entry; an integrated keyboard, a barcode reader, and a USB keyboard. The SevenCompact™ can manage up to 1,000 sets of data. The data can then be filtered by memory number, measurement type and sample ID. Once the data is filtered, you have the option to review, print or export by USB.


The meters have been designed to withstand dust and spills of aqueous solutions. Both meters are equipped with an IP54 rating for resistance to dust and water. There are extra protectors for the connections specifically, as well as a transparent exterior cover.

Service Support

The meters come with a wide range of services to find a solution for every need. Compliance is made easy with the calibration certificate, ensuring your next audit produces satisfying results. Another l option is the effortless Instrument Qualification and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) package. There is proof of professional installation and commissioning meeting regulation and quality standards.


There are various options to connect peripherals simultaneously to meet your needs! The plug and play USB interfaces are recognized immediately by the meter and visually indicated with an icon on the display. Printers with RS232 interfaces are fully supported and automatically detected, and the settings immediately adjust accordingly. Another option is LabX direct pH software which archives your results quickly and reliably by transferring data to an application such as MS Excel.

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