Ovation® BioNatural pipettes are the ideal ergonomic solution for handling repetitive and complex liquid handling tasks that contribute to stress injuries in today’s laboratory. Ovation pipettes increase laboratory efficiency through automated liquid handling routines, while reducing fatigue and the effect of poor postures.

The Ovation BioNatural Pipette is the only pipette designed to keep your hand in the neutral position recommended by ergonomics experts. It allows a lower hand location to ease stress in the shoulder, and a relaxed wrist angle eliminates uncomfortable extension and twist movements in the arm. Force, velocity and exertion from repetition or duration have also been neutralized because of the Ovation pipette’s unique working position and reduced forces required during operation.

Applications and techniques in areas such as molecular biology, drug discovery, microbiology, immunology and other research disciplines utilizing high throughput screening procedures have have heightened the demand for highly accurate and precise multichannel pipettes. While multichannel pipettes have been available for years, their use has been noteably problematic in a number of areas such as tip loading and retention, inconsistent performance across all channels, time consuming programming steps and excessive operational forces, especially for tip ejection. Additionally, the sheer amount of pipetting required for many procedures can easily cause hand fatigue and increased risk of repetitive stress injuries, even with correct pipetting techniques.

Ovation Multichannel pipettes incorporate numerous features not found in other multichannel pipettes that complement its ergonomically-correct, comfort-driven design. Physical efforts and time required for tip handling have been minimized with a unique tip acquisition system which provides the user with a visual indicator and audible “click” to indicate all tips have been securely fitted. Tip ejection is accomplished just as quickly and with minimal effort at the gentle push of a button.

The Ovation Multichannel’s intuitive user interface allows easy set-up and use of a number of liquid handling functions designed to simplify the complex demands of multiple-step microplate procedures. A Multiple Dispense function allows the user to establish a dispense volume, number of dispenses desired and speed of the dispense, then automatically calculates and aspirates the total volume required. Individual aliquots are performed on demand by pressing the pipetting trigger. Pace, a timed-interval dispensing utility, can also be activated to automate and speed through the dispensing process.

A Serial Dilute function performs sequential dilutions, where an initial sample volume is aspirated, dispensed into diluent, mixed, and then a desired amount of diluted sample is then aspirated for addition to the next diluent. The pipette’s Mix function can also be used independently in other procedures where repetitive cycles of aspirating and dispensing of the same sample is desired.

For applications requiring highly volatile or viscous samples, or small microvolumes, a Reverse Pipette function is available, where a slight overage of sample volume is aspirated, and after the exact aliquot volume is dispensed, liquid remaining in the tip is purged independently.

Three user-defined pre-set volume settings can also be programmed and recalled at any time for routine aspiration and dispensing on the fly.

With the use of microplates increasing to keep up with research and productivity demands, the need for innovative laboratory equipment that can improve efficiency has never been greater. The Ovation multichannel makes it possible for scientists to maximize their productivity, and improve performance with uncompromised confidence. Color-coded 8 and 12 channel models are available in right and left handed

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