BINDER Inc. offers a range of environmental simulation equipment that provides consistent performance – a quality that allows a focus on the research at hand and confidence in the equipment holding samples. CO2 Incubators, Environmental Chambers, Ovens and Incubators form the core of a quality line-up with a range of unique features that puts samples safely in a climate tailored just for their needs. These units all feature APT.line™ preheating chamber technology as the underlying technology that delivers highly accurate temperature performance in both the scientific and industrial laboratory, and in both routine applications and in highly specific work.

CO2 Incubators

A 180 °C hot air sterilization cycle that completely sterilizes the unit interior over nine hours is the most prominent of many distinguishing features built into a BINDER CO2 incubator. The Permadry® condensation-free double-pan humidification system maintains dry interior walls while the incubator operates at relative humidity of approximately more than 95%. CO2/air mixture is injected via a patented crossflow mixing valve and distributed homogenously throughout the chamber. An infrared sensor selectively measures CO2 concentration in real-time, enabling precise control of CO2 levels, and thus over media pH, resulting in optimal cell growth.. The standard model includes an automatic self-diagnostic system with visual and audible alarm functions. There is an option available for O2 control, which allows tri-gas control for sustaining hyperoxic conditions.

Environmental Chambers

BINDER offers chambers for climate testing, environmental simulation, and for stability and material testing. Available in a range of sizes, the units provides temperatures ranging from -70 to 180 C, without humidification and 10 to 95 C with humidification. A variety of chamber sizes accommodate a range of volume requirements. Where needed, units are provided with interior lighting for photostability testing. Whatever the test requirements and whatever the compartment load, conditions remain uniform throughout. Options available across the line include pure water service, installation of access ports, specimentemperature measurement, and others.

Ovens and Incubators

Heating ovens, safety drying ovens, vacuum drying ovens, incubators and cooling incubators from BINDER provide optimal conditions for samples and the performance, safety and ergonomic features inherent in all BINDER products. With chamber capacities ranging from 0.7 to 25.4 cu ft, there are units available in the size needed for every lab. Oven temperatures range as high as 350 C, and incubator temperatures range from 5 to 100 C.

Best Conditions for Your Success

APT-COM™ Software is available as an option in Basic, Standard and GLP editions for all BINDER environmental control equipment, and provides comprehensive process monitoring at the level required by any individual lab. Users will find unmatched construction and performance characteristics throughout the line, providing the best possible conditions for their success.

A BINDER CO2 incubator. The divided chamber is used when culturing under hyperoxic conditions.

Stability chambers incorporate an inner glass door – a feature common to many BINDER products – that allows samples to be viewed without compromising the environment.

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