VACUUBRAND® VARIO® vacuum systems offer users unsurpassed control of critical vacuum applications. A low maintenance chemistry-design pump is integrated with a variable speed motor and a mercury-free, digital controller. The system automatically finds and follows boiling curves, continuously optimizing the vacuum level without having to program presets. It’s the ultimate productivity tool! All VARIO® vacuum systems have the performance features of VACUUBRAND chemistry-design diaphragm pumps, like elimination of oil-changes, flowpaths constructed of corrosion- resistant fluoropolymers, integrated gas ballast and low-maintenance - typically 10,000-15,000 operating hours between scheduled service stops.

The VACUUBRAND PC3001 VARIO™ is the ideal vacuum system for benchtop sized rotary evaporators. The PC3001 VARIO runs your rotary evaporator with minimal supervision, freeing you up to do more important work. It features a VARIO version of the MD1C vacuum pump (2mbar ultimate vacuum), with integrated CVC3000 vacuum controller and solvent recovery in a compact, attractive package. The CVC3000 vacuum controller has an intuitive menu-driven graphic interface, with a “turn-and-push” jogwheel for quick adjustments.

  • Faster: Because the vacuum level is continuously optimized, evaporation times are up to 30% faster when compared to other electronically-controlled pumps.
  • Easier: Just press “Start” and the VARIO® pump begins pumping down, and finds the first boiling point. It maintains and continually optimizes vacuum levels to vapor flow — even for azeotropic mixtures!
  • Less “Babysitting”: The VARIO® controller automatically adjusts vacuum levels, reducing the need for manual adjustment or complex pumping programs. The pump even shuts itself off at pre-set levels or when evaporation is complete.
  • Virtually No Bumping: The VARIO® controller automatically reduces the pumping speed as each boiling point is approached so “overpumping” is substantially reduced.
  • Less Maintenance: Because the pump only operates enough to maintain optimum vacuum, wear is lessened, extending the service interval greatly.
  • GLP/GMP Validation: An integrated bidirectional RS232 port allows control and monitoring of every parameter for process validation, and the execution of complex pumping programs

PC3001 VARIO Vacuum System incorporates 2mbar, 1.0cfm chemistry pump with self-regulating electronic control and solvent recovery

VARIO® control is also available as a pump/controller combination, without solvent recovery accessories for applications that already have integrated solvent recovery.

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