CytoOne® Cell Culture Performance Ware

Your cells deserve the best. Consistent growth surfaces with certified testing. Premium grade, optically clear polystyrene. ISO 9001 production and manufacturing, and rigorous quality control. 

By USA Scientific

Your cells deserve the best. Consistent growth surfaces with certified testing. Premium grade, optically clear polystyrene. ISO 9001 production and manufacturing, and rigorous quality control.

CytoOne® plates, dishes, and flasks are available in the most commonly requested sizes and formats for both adherent and suspension cells. All are certified DNase, RNase, DNA, and pyrogen free and are gamma sterilized.

Multiple Well Plates

CytoOne® plates offer consistent, crystal-clear surfaces for optimum growth and distortionfree microscopy. 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, and 96-well plates have molded alphanumerics for well identification, frosted writing surfaces, and complete 360º Protection Perimeter™ chimney wells to minimize edge effects and prevent cross contamination. 384-well plates have molded alphanumerics and raised well rims. Ridged bases secure your grip and vented skirts allow air circulation between stacked plates.

Non-reversible lids with condensation rings minimize contamination and are vented for improved gas exchange. Unique support tabs reduce surface contact when lids are set aside or propped open.


Large CytoOne® dishes have ergonomically placed grip tabs for a secure grasp with less strain. Small dishes have beveled outer edges to avoid accidental lid displacement. All have sturdy, flat bases that resist bowing and warping for even growth and distortion-free microscopy.

Vented lids improve gas exchange and are non-treated to minimize condensation. The stacking rings are also vented for better thermal equalization. Small sleeve quantities minimize contamination risks.


CytoOne® flasks are supplied in easy open, resealable zip top bags that protect unused flasks. Anti-tip skirts and base bars improve stability during handling. Flasks also feature molded volume graduations and frosted writing surfaces.

Wide, anti-drip necks provide easy access for pipets and scrapers. CytoOne® is available with filter caps or two-position plug seal caps that let you choose secure manual venting or an airtight seal. Vented stacking rims aid thermal equalization.

All flasks are 100% pressure tested for leak-free assurance. Crystal-clear consistent surfaces provide distortion-free microscopy.


CytoOne® scrapers and lifters have flexible silicone rubber blades for excellent contact and cell removal. They are available in three sizes for cell harvesting in a variety of dishes, flasks, or plates. Pivoting blade scrapers reach into corners and have a flexible ABS handle for better contact inside flasks. The fixed blade scraper lifts cells from 6-, 12-, or 24-well plates or dishes.

Cell Counting Chambers

Eliminate the concerns of cleaning, drying, and handling fragile glass counting slides. The CytoOne® cell counting chamber is designed for one-time use to guarantee cleanliness and save time. Counting chambers have integrated cover slips for error-free filling.

USA Scientific
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