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For 60 years The Baker Company has been at the forefront of engineering, testing and production of reliable laboratory contamination control equipment. Our cabinets and hoods are crafted with precision for your unique situation. We have built our reputation by taking no chances with your safety and making no compromises when it comes to protecting the success of your research. Our latest product offerings continue to build on this reputation with focus on optimum energy efficiency and extended filter life to help reduce your annual operating costs.

BioChemGARD e3

Biological safety cabinets are critical in the protection of personnel from exposure to harmful particulates within the cabinet and the protection of product from contaminants outside the cabinet environment. Type B2 total exhaust biosafety cabinets are designed to exhaust all HEPA-filtered air through the building exhaust system. This exhausted air must be replaced by the laboratory’s air supply system and is typically heated or cooled.

A significant amount of energy is required to maintain the necessary airflow, so total exhaust cabinets can incur major operating costs for a facility. Because BSCs are often operated continuously, hot or cold conditioned air adds considerable costs for a laboratory, typically ranging anywhere from $4 -$8 per cubic feet per minute (CFM) per year.

The BioChemGARD e3, a revolutionary Type B2 total exhaust BSC from The Baker Company, couples a change in airflow throughout the cabinet with many unique energy-saving features, including a patent-pending sealed-access filter-exchange system, a motor/blower system with variable frequency drive technology and a low-flow operating mode.

With the BioChemGARD e3, a reduction in exhaust airflow and resistance cuts the electrical power, noise and static pressure requirements for the facility and reduces the volume of conditioned air exhausted from the laboratory. The 4-foot model operates at 664 CFM, using three-phase Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motor technology to help deliver a reduction of up to 86% in electrical power when compared to traditional Type B2 total exhaust cabinets. This combination contributes to an overall reduction in the power consumption required for most facility exhaust systems of up to 23%, providing a potential for annual operational cost savings of up to 49% over traditional Type B2 total exhaust cabinets. Performance and productivity remain high, while protection for both the product and personnel exceed NSF standards. Download our full white paper online at

Energy Saving Technologies from Baker

Our new generation of energy efficient biosafety cabinets incorporates multiple energy-saving features that can mean significant ongoing cost savings for your facility.

StediFLOW™ self-adjusting motor technology uses less energy, produces less heat, and extends filter life without sacrificing performance.

With our exclusive ReadySAFE™ mode, the motor speed can be reduced and the cabinet will continuously operate and maintain safe conditions while the viewscreen is closed, saving significant energy.

Our FlexAIR™ Exhaust Connection combines the safety of a traditional canopy exhaust connection with the lower exhaust flows of a traditional hard exhaust connection, providing energy savings without sacrificing performance.

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