FreezerPro Features and Benefits


Today’s researchers demand precision and efficiency in their laboratories. Accounting for hundreds, thousands and even millions of samples is a task that requires a software system that will manage the volume while handling the complexities of your inventory intuitively.

FreezerPro by RURO, Inc. is one of the most comprehensive systems on the market that manages all of your freezer inventory so you can locate it fast, manage it virtually and handle inventory procedures with the click of a button.

FreezerPro features and benefits:

  • Visual icons make on screen sample management easy and fast.
  • FreezerPro 2012 inventory management solution works across all web-based technologies. Know what is happening with your inventory anywhere in the world utilizing an iPad, a laptop, a smart phone or a desktop computer.
  • FreezerPro Enterprise 2012 is the only freezer inventory management system that comes standard with RFID compatibility.
  • FreezerPro works seamlessly with LIMS or HIS systems in the marketplace to deliver the most information with the least amount of effort.
  • FreezerPro LIMS Elite 2012 is the only virtual frozen sample manager that is customizable with it’s own custom LIMS application. FP LIMS Elite is tailor made to suit your laboratory. It manages your workflows and your inventory using one simple platform that combines RURO’s LIMS system and FreezerPro 2012.
  • Custom solutions are typically expensive solutions. FP LIMS Elite makes custom solutions affordable for any lab and just like FP Enterprise, FP LIMS Elite is RFID ready now!! Ask your RURO representative for more details surrounding Freezer Pro LIMS Elite 2012.

The Freezer Pro 2012 family is the inventory management solution affordable enough for small labs and academia while delivering features large enough to handle the inventory of a multibillion-dollar corporation. Give them a call and find out which FreezerPro solution works best for you.

*The FreezerPro 2012 family from RURO, Inc. includes FreezerPro Standard, FreezerPro Enterprise and the FreezerPro LIMS Elite edition.

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