Parker Balston Hydrogen Generators

By Parker Balston

Parker Balston Gas Generators eliminate the need for expensive, dangerous, high pressure cylinders of hydrogen, helium, and nitrogen in the laboratory. It is no longer necessary to interrupt important analyses to change cylinders. Whether it’s directly on the laboratory bench or in a process monitoring application, Parker Balston Gas Generators are the dependable standard to deliver safe, high purity gases.

Parker’s leading global presence and portfolio of product technolgies is unrivaled within the industry. At Parker, our mission is to provide our customers with premier service and high quality product solutions that ensure the quality of your products and operations and save you downtime.

When selecting the proper carrier gas for gas chromatography (GC) , a laboratory manager traditionally has three choices; nitrogen, helium or hydrogen. Recent global supply issues related to helium have led to shortages and significant price increases in both gas costs and cylinder rental fees. As a result, many laboratories are re-evaluating the best carrier gas to provide maximum analysis time while offering safety and cost effectiveness. The use of hydrogen as a carrier gas offers a reliable, safe and cost effective alternative to nitrogen and helium. Parker Balston Hydrogen Generators produce 99.99999% hydrogen which exceeds carrier gas purity requirements. The generators offer a safe source of hydrogen, producing only the required amount of gas and eliminates the need for high volume, high pressure cylinders. Hydrogen Generators eliminate the need for expensive, dangerous, high pressure cylinders of hydrogen in the laboratory. It is no longer necessary to interrupt important analyses to change cylinders. Generator flow capacities of up to 1200 cc/min. of ultra-high purity hydrogen are available.

Parker Balston Hydrogen Generators are compact benchtop instruments designed for use in the laboratory or in the field. Hydrogen gas is produced by electrolytic dissociation of water. The resultant hydrogen stream then passes through a palladium membrane. Only hydrogen and its isotopes can penetrate the palladium membrane; therefore, the purity of the output gas is guaranteed to be 99.99999+% consistently. This technology produces hydrogen at a purity two orders of magnitude greater than competitive technologies using silica gel, desiccants, and drying tubes.

Parker Balston Hydrogen Generators offer many special features to ensure safe and convenient operation. These features include low-water audible alarms to indicate when the water reservoir needs filling and automatic shutdown to protect expensive laboratory equipment.

Benefits of Parker Balston Hydrogen Generators:

  • Eliminates dangerous and expensive hydrogen gas cylinders
  • from the laboratory
  • Exceeds OSHA 1910.103 and NFPA 50A safety requirements
  • Safe - produces only as much gas as you need
  • Unique electron beam palladium cell technology
  • Produces a continuous supply of 99.99999+% pure hydrogen gas, ideal for carrier and fuel gas applications
  • Compact and reliable – only one square foot of bench space required and designed to run
  • continuously 24 hours/day -includes automatic water fill
  • Simple annual maintenance, no desiccant cartridges
  • Certified for laboratory use by CSA, UL, IEC 1010, and CE Mark

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