Advancements for Improved Safety Conditions – Productivity, Quality and Reliability for the reduction of common work place injuries.

Ability to Sit or Stand at a Range of Heights

NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets provide maximum knee/thigh clearance which improves the user’s ability to assume a proper posture. The maximum knee/thigh clearance is accomplished by a design improvement that reduced the plenum height beneath the work surface. The adjustable base stand provides the ability for laboratory personnel to optimize ergonomic conditions improving leg and forearm support.

Forearm Support for Comfort and Safety

A wide work access opening provides forearm comfort while maintaining optimal airflow containment for personnel and product protection through a recessed front grill. A sloped armrest extension allows the forearm and elbow to be rested while holding up such laboratory apparatus as beakers, plates, etc. inside the work area zone area. Elbow Rests offer proper support of elbows and forearms while keeping arms and elbows off the front air grill.

Effective Work Zone Area for a More “User- Friendly” Space

NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets provide the largest effective work zone area available that aids the cabinet user to access and manipulate more laboratory material in the cabinet with forearms at rest on the work access opening base. The ability to rest forearms and minimize reaching reduces arm, neck, and shoulder strain. A Stainless Steel Turntable extends a user’s reach up to 12 inches (305 mm) into the back corners of the work zone to minimize stress of arms, neck, and shoulders.

Expanded Vision Zone to Reduce Awkward Postures and Proper Lighting for Reduced Glare

The frameless polished edge window in NuAire Biosafety Cabinets allow for greater visibility and better sight lines to the effective work zone area reducing awkward postures resulting in less eye fatigue as well as neck and shoulder strain. Cool white fluorescent lighting reduces glare in the work zone area creating less eye fatigue during long work periods. The fluorescent lights are externally mounted and use and electronic ballast to minimize heat output within the work zone and the laboratory.

Ergonomically Designed Laborator y Chair and Footrest

NuAire’s BioFit® chair has a star-based platform with adjustable height, back and lumbar support. The non-skid adjustable footrest provides optimal foot and leg support.

Visit NIOSH for additional information related to ergonomics in the workplace.