Hamilton is a global leader of world class analytical components, medical instrumentation, temperature control systems, laboratory robotics and automated liquid handling equipment. From Clark Hamilton’s development of the Microliter Syringe in 1947 to the Microlab STAR, today’s most advanced automated pipetting workstation, Hamilton has been proudly serving the life science research, medical and clinical diagnostic customers with innovatory laboratory solutions for over 60 years. Hamilton Robotics is a global enterprise with stateof- the art R&D and manufacturing facilities in Reno, NV and Bonaduz, Switzerland.

Microlab NIMBUS

A compact, multi-channel automated liquid handler, offering speed, flexibility, ease of use and superior pipetting performance at a surprisingly affordable price. NIMBUS system is a configurable platform with options of 96 multiprobe head or upto 4 independent channels. In contrast to large, multi-integrated, high-end systems designed for automating complex workflows, NIMBUS is a small-footprint, leanintegrated, entry-level pipettor ideally suited for automating a single or select set of liquid handling routines. A flexible deck layout and a broad range of modular accessories and options make reconfiguration for new applications quick and easy. NIMBUS offers ideal footprint for building dedicated workstations for process flows.


Hamilton offers several advanced features including CORE (Compression O-Ring Expansion) technology that enables robust attachment of tips to the pipetting channels through a lock and key style mechanism without applying brutal force to attach the tips, air displacement pipetting (offers less risk of sample dilution or contamination resulting from syringe based pipetting), Anti-Droplet Control (ADC) to facilitate effective pipetting of highly volatile solvents, liquid level detection (pLLD/cLLD) , TADM (Total aspirate and Dispense Monitoring technology) and MAD (Monitored Air Displacement technology) for monitoring the pipetting process in real time.

NIMBUS Instinct Software

Hamilton recognizes the critical role that instrument control software plays in overall system usability and end-user satisfaction. Microlab Instinct software provides an intuitive graphical user interface for simplified instrument control and streamlined method programming, allowing you to achieve results faster and with less training than before. Designed around the practical needs of users in today’s busy labs, INSTINCT supports a wide range of your daily lab work. For users at all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced, INSTINCT software enables programming of the most basic pipetting tasks as well as more complex protocols.


Because of its compact size and high-density deck, NIMBUS is the ideal platform for dedicating to a discrete task or application. NIMBUS makes quick work of basic routines such as reagents additions, serial dilutions, plate replication and reformatting, yet can also be easily adapted to perform more demanding tasks such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR set up, clean up, next generation sequencing sample preparation, cell culture, protein purification, MALDI spotting, ADMET studies, ELISA processing, sample pooling etc.

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